Image 7For a diamond that glows with an inner fire, but offers a unique, square to slightly rectangle shape, the princess cut diamond is a very good option. The second most popular to round brilliant rings are the designs and styles of princess cut diamond engagement rings.

At Its Hot, we have one of the top selections of these fascinating and incredible timeless rings anywhere online. Our rings come in a variety of styles with white gold, platinum, yellow gold and rose gold bands and settings, perfect for the look you want.

One of the advantages we talk to our customers about when choosing princess cut diamond engagement rings is that they tend to be a lower priced diamond than diamonds of equal quality in other cuts and shapes. This has to do with the cutting process completed by expert jewelers. The development of the facets and the shape is more natural to the structure of the diamond, allowing for more precision cuts and less waste.

The Look
When you look at quality princess cut diamond engagement rings, you will see the beauty of the facets and how the light is reflected through the diamond, giving that amazing shimmer and hints of color. Additionally, with the actual facets and the cut process, small inclusions or internal flaws in the diamond are impossible to detect, allowing for the possibility to choose a slightly lower clarity rating in the prince cut and getting a much larger carat weight diamond for the price you wanted to spend.

It is important to realize that all diamonds have some inclusions, and unless they are noticeable to the naked eye, they in no way impact the beauty and the flawless look of the well-cut princess diamond.

The color, or actually the lack of color, is the most important aspect of a clear diamond. In making a selection look at the diamond in more than one light, and against a white background. You should choose from those that show no noticeable yellow color which will be classified as the near colorless or the grades G, H, I and J. There are grades above this, which include D, E and F, but they will not offer a better color and they will be considerably more expensive for the same size.

Choosing the right princess cut diamond also means considering the setting, the ring, and the possible option of wearing a wedding band that complements the style of the engagement ring. As these diamonds do have corners, a prong type of setting or a bezel setting is often the best choice to provide the optimal protection on the thinner corners of the stone.

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