“Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.” – Mother Teresa

The cross might be the only symbol that has diverse theological overtones. Apart from being an intrinsic representation of Christianity, the symbol was widely circulated in many ancient European cultures. Many markings from the pre-Christian era, from the stone age to the Roman age have also suggested the use of the cross as an emblem for various different contexts.

Diamond Crosses

Diamond Crosses

The connotative nature of crosses has now taken the shape of something more than just belief. We now see this symbol being used as a popular fashion trend. Commonly called ‘The Sign of Christ’, this symbol’s popularity has been well utilized by distributing it as pendants and necklaces – which is supported by a large number of the world’s population.

What further adds charm to this popular symbol is the use of diamonds on it. Diamond crosses, as the industry calls them, are one of the most sought after jewelry items in the world. While many still wear them in the name of God, some just love to have them as a beautiful and appealing jewelry item.

The reasons can be many but the essence of crosses are the same. The cross is undoubtedly the most popular symbol, as it has traversed history, from the stone age to the modern day. With people wearing them as diamond cross pendants or necklaces, its popularity promises to live throughout the ages.

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