Engagement rings, like many other kind of jewelry come in many different styles and designs. In US, engagement rings have been traditionally worn mostly by women and diamonds have widely featured in engagement rings since the middle of the 20th century. Major categories are solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings, diamond engagement rings with accents or pave diamond engagement rings, when many small diamonds are set around the center diamond and on the sides of the ring to accentuate the center diamond and engagement rings with side stones. Three-stone diamond engagement rings, sometimes called trilogy rings, are rings with three matching diamonds set horizontally in a row with the bigger stone in the center. The three diamonds on the ring are typically said to represent the couple’s past, present, and future, but other people give religious significance to the arrangement.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

But in 21st century both men and women have started wearing Engagement Rings. The rings are often in the form of a plain band of a precious metal with a center diamond. Sometimes the engagement ring eventually serves as the wedding ring for a man. In Brazil, for example, the groom and bride-to-be usually wear a wedding band on the right hand while engaged.

There is a scene in an episode of “Sex in the City” where Sarah Jessica Parker’s character tells her friends about a marriage proposal she received. She admits to her friends that she turned down the man because the Diamond Engagement Ring he bought her wasn’t fashionable – “pear-shaped with a gold band.” So it is very important to choose a perfect ring for you would be spouse depending upon his/her persona and other jewelry items they wear. Rings have represented the cycle of life, the sun and moon and in the case of engagement rings, eternal love.

Diamond engagement ring signifies eternal love and a lifetime of commitment which will lead to marriage. Diamond Engagement Rings not only look great but if quality made are very easy to maintain and do not demand much attention. Anytime you feel that the original shine on your precious Diamond Engagement Ring is missing, just soak it in soap water for a few minutes and brush with a soft toothbrush under warm water and you will get back the shimmer.

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