spokesperson started the conference with the following message to the admirers of diamond studded jewelry that, ‘One need not be Serena Williams or Gabriela Sabatini to wear a diamond tennis bracelet. You can own, wear and flaunt a tennis bracelet even if you are not a sport star and we, bring to you a perfect collection of reasonably priced Diamond Tennis Bracelets to adorn your wrists and fulfill your secret fantasies of owning an item of diamond jewelry.”

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Rightly stated by the spokesperson, these bracelets are a desire for every jewelry lover and follower of latest fashion trends.

In fact, Diamond Tennis Bracelets admirers and fans should thank Chris Evert, the tennis champion for bringing in the trend of Diamond Tennis Bracelets, as it is her who popularized the Diamond Tennis Bracelets during a championship match in 1987. The diamond studded bracelet she was wearing dropped on the court during the match and she stopped it in the middle to retrieve the bracelet. This commotion caught the eye of the media and since then the commonly called ‘in-line’ bracelets or simply ‘wrist bracelets’ came to be called as Diamond Tennis Bracelets.

An ardent fan of Diamond Tennis Bracelets would also agree to the fact that these bracelets are at the threshold of high fashion and casual sophisticated everyday wear which because of their classic design can be adorned with any outfit and at any occasion. They add glamour to your whole personality and serve as icing on the cake once you are all ready and set to go. Studded with sturdiest, purest and most beautiful stones on the earth – diamonds, the Diamond Tennis Bracelets also make the perfect heirloom gifts that are passed along through generations, carry a lot of sentimental value and is gladly given by the elders and treasured by the next generation.’s recetly launched a full range of Diamond Tennis Bracelets which are masterfully crafted and feature high quality round diamonds, princess cut diamond and baguette diamonds. All Diamond Tennis Bracelets sold are guaranteed to be quality made and come with 30 days money back guarantee and one year warranty. They are also shipped by safe, fully insured FedEx mail for fast and secure delivery. You can view the whole selection online at or stop by their New York City location to view and purchase in person.

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