“If you’re really a rapper, you can’t stop rapping.”

– Ice T

In many ways, a rapper is like a leader, addressing his listeners about his perceptions on everything good, bad and ugly in the world. Like some leaders, his words ignite the audiences’ conscience and brings them together for a common cause.

Diamond Crosses

Diamond Crosses

To make that all important instant connection with his/her audience, he/she should first understand the audience. After all, hip hop is more than just a music genre. It is a movement against racism, war, poverty, and any kind of oppression of people around the world. A rapper, too, emerges out of these oppressed people – and takes their issues to the masses using hip hop as its captivating platform. He is a voice of a true democracy – to the people, by the people.

But unlike a leader, a rapper’s appearance is more unique – cultivating a sense of belonging among people, especially the youth. Thus, suit pants and a shirt/blazer is substituted by loose capri/jeans and an oversized t-shirt, respectively. While a tie is substituted by a cool diamond cross necklace.

People sometimes question why most rappers wear diamond crosses. It would be interesting to know which religion has been the most vital tool, historically, for uniting people to a common cause. A symbol merely represents a sense of unity and The Sign Of Christ has united people for ages. A cross compliments the objectives of a rapper very well – also uniting people for a common cause.

Diamond cross pendants carry many different meanings in the modern age. They can be worn to convey one’s belief, or as a fashion accessory. A rapper balances between belief and fashion while addressing a crowd. A diamond cross, therefore, becomes the rapper’s “skin”; and that’s why rappers wear them.

If you’re a rapper, you simply can’t stop rapping. Andthe diamond cross is usually an essential part of your image. If you want to purchase one of these cool diamond crosses, visit our store, ItsHot.com, located in New York’s diamond district, and browse through our wide diamond crosses collection. The collection can also be browsed at our website www.itshot.com.



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