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Top Quality Diamond JewelryAt Its Hot, we take pride in the top quality diamond jewelry we sell at extremely low prices. Sometimes people wonder why diamond studs are so differently priced, and what they should know to ensure they are getting a great low price, but not sacrificing quality or beauty.

As with most jewelry items featuring diamonds, the size, cut, color and clarity are going to be critical in getting the look you want. However, because these earrings are not going to be examined up close, most people opt for a slightly lower color and clarity than you may want in a solitaire on a ring. This can allow you to have the option to select a slightly larger size of diamond.

Additionally, keep in mind that diamond studs are not going to necessarily be completely and perfectly identical as they are two different gemstones. There may be very slight ratings on the clarity and color, but these should be impossible to detect with the human eye. In other words, they may have a slightly different properties with regard to grading, but when placed side by side you will not be able to notice a difference in size, cut, clarity or color.

Virtually all stud styles of earrings with any gemstone are going to feature prong types of settings. Depending on the shape and the size of the diamonds you may see three or more prongs.

With top quality and designs, the prongs are carefully designed to add to the look of the earrings and not to detract from the look of the diamond. Choosing a white gold or platinum will often result in a very low visibility setting, while a yellow or rose gold will stand out from the diamond a bit more.

If you are investing in top quality diamond studs, we recommend you look carefully at the type of back. Often the lower quality earrings will use a simple push on back. These styles can result in the backs becoming loose on the post and sliding off, increasing the risk of losing the earring.

Screw backs are often the best option, as they have to be turned on the post for removal. Keep in mind that screw posts are a bit thicker and do have the ridges, which may irritate sensitive ears.

Ideally, talk to the person you are giving the earrings to and ask about the types of backs they prefer. You can also check in their jewelry box, just run your fingernail along the post of their earrings and if you feel ridges, they are using the screw back style.

A Loose Diamond A lot of our customers at Its Hot want to create a custom engagement, wedding or anniversary ring that will be uniquely their own design. These people may be very worried about buying a loose diamond as this is very different that choosing a ring, pendant or another piece of jewelry that is already made and set with the stones.

To help you to get started on your search for just the right diamond, let’s take a closer look at how to actually choose the diamond and what you need to check before making a purchase.

The size of the diamond you are looking for is important as you want it to be in balance with the jewelry item. It is also important to determine if you will have other gems in the design or if the diamond is going to be set in a solitaire type of design.

Remember, a smaller diamond that has top color, cut and clarity will be more dazzling and brilliant than a larger diamond with lower quality cut, clarity and color. It is, therefore, important to spend time considering if you want size alone or if you want that inner fire and light that is such a part of a perfect diamond.

Typically, if a diamond is a solitaire or the central focus of the ring or jewelry item, it will need to be larger to be more visible. If you are using a pavé or halo design element, a smaller diamond can still be dazzling because of the boost in sparkle and dazzle from the surrounding smaller diamonds.

The shape of the loose diamond is sometimes called the cut, but cut is actually the process that the diamond facets are cut into the gem. The shape can be a classic round diamond to the more styled shapes of the marquis, pear or even a heart-shaped diamond.

With color, cut and clarity, the shape will have an impact on the overall look of the diamond. Choosing one of the fancy shapes, including the larger sized square options such a cushion, princess or Asscher diamond can result in a limited option for a setting, so you should consider the setting when determining the right shape.

We recommend you work closely with your jeweler and then, once you know the carat weight, shape, cut, clarity and color you actually start to look at pricing. We offer some of the best prices in loose diamond gems, just see us online to search our inventory and choose the perfect match.

Black Diamond EarringsIt seems that colored or fancy diamonds have really come to the forefront in fashion and style. To keep up with the demand of our customers, we have expanded our inventory of black diamonds in everything from dinner rings to beautiful black diamond earrings for all occasions.

One of the biggest reasons that black diamonds have become so popular is the use of black diamonds in the fashion industry. Stars and celebrities are also focusing in on black diamonds and fancy colored diamonds as a unique and different option to the traditional clear, actually known as white, diamonds.

Create a Dramatic Look
It is important to realize that black diamonds are very different in their character than white diamonds. While they do sparkle and have the ability to reflect light, they are not transparent, and light doesn’t enter into the diamond to create the fire noted in quality white diamonds

Instead, a black diamond tends to reflect the light out. When surrounded by white diamonds, or on its own, it provides very dramatic contracts and a sophistication that is very difficult to describe. They can also be extremely attractive in a pavé style either combined with pavé style white diamonds or just set into the earrings, bracelet or ring.

With black diamond earrings, you can choose the setting in either white, yellow or rose gold and really see the diamonds pop. This may be one of the few gemstones that are a good match with any type of setting, and they also look amazing as a stud earring with just that slight hint of the color of the setting because of the prongs on the edge of the edge.

The bezel style is also very popular, which holds the diamond into the setting without any prongs, creating a unique appearance where the diamond seems to hover without being held in place.

We stock a great selection of black diamond earrings that are perfect for men or women. They can be worn with formal attire for an evening out, or they make a great daily wear earring.

More elaborate and ornate styles of chandelier, hoop or black diamond cluster earrings are other popular choices. Taking the time to actually look through the different styles is important, but most people will want to have more than one style of these very beautiful gemstone earrings.

Matching Diamond Anniversary Rings To A Wedding SetAt Its Hot, we offer a full line of all types and styles of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings. We also sell wedding sets, many which come with the anniversary ring that the couple can keep until a specific anniversary.

With sets, couples may choose to add the anniversary band or ring to the set after the first year of living as husband and wife. For more traditional diamond anniversary rings purchased separately from wedding set they are often given on the fifth or tenth anniversary, but there are no set rules, and it is really up to the couple.

Where to Wear
Just as there are no set rules for when to add the anniversary ring, there are also no set rules on which finger to wear it. Many women choose to wear the band on the same finger as the wedding set, so this will have a bearing on the style and design selected.

It is also common for women and more and more often for men, to wear an anniversary ring on the ring finger of the right hand. This is often the best choice for a very stylized wedding set or if you have a large wedding band or ring that makes it difficult to add another ring.

Three Stone Rings
One of the most popular options in diamond anniversary rings is the three stone ring. This has a moderate sized diamond flanked by two slightly smaller or similar sized stones. They may be diamonds or other types of precious or semi-precious stones.

It is also common for the band to have diamond chips either in a pavé setting or a channel setting.

Eternity Rings
These are typically a smaller, thinner band in white, rose or yellow gold, or even in platinum or silver, with smaller diamond chips that encircle the entire band. These can be very ornate and feature small milgrain, or a small edge of raised dots around the top and bottom of the band. More ornate options can include engraving and different combinations of white, yellow and rose gold with various gemstones.

Different cuts of smaller diamonds or gemstone in the band can include marquise cut or baguettes combined with round diamonds makes an interesting and very eye-catching option. This is perfect as a ring on its own or worn with a simple wedding band.

Each couple that shops with us has their own particular taste and preference. Within our selection, you are sure to find the perfect diamond anniversary rings for your next anniversary.

Yellow Diamond EarringsWhen it comes to ear adornment, you have many choices, and when you choose diamonds, you receive some of the most attractive selections for your money. No kind of jewelry metal alone can match the fire and brilliance that natural stones can capture and there are several choices to consider. For example, do you pick stud, hoop, or drop diamond earrings? carries a great selection of each type and here is some information to help you make an informed decision.

Studs have a universal appeal because they can be used for just about any occasion. They are great for everyday wear, and they are always in style. If you are a woman that can only afford one pair of diamond earrings, studs are the best choice.

Studs are also popular with men. They are not gaudy or flashy and give you a touch of class and elegance. Most stud earrings are affordably priced, so you won’t have to go into debt to buy some.

Do you have a long face? Maybe your jawline is sharp or noticeable. An attractive pair of hoop earrings draws attention away from these features and can be very flattering. You can choose small or large hoops, depending on your tastes. However, some hoops can be heavy and may cause the earlobes to droop. This is something to consider if you want very large hoops.

Drop Earrings
Drop or dangle earrings are not for every occasion but they’re good for women with round faces. They are great if you want to dress up and look good. gives you a wide range of drop earrings, including many with unique shapes and designs. To find out more about the many selections of diamond earrings we have to offer, feel free to call us toll-free in the United States at 1-866-423-6262 today.