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Classic Diamond Stud EarringsDo you know which stunning accessory Jennifer Aniston wore to the recent 20th Critics’ Choice Movie Awards or that Kate Hudson used with such style during the 72nd Golden Globes? The answer is a pair of striking diamond stud earrings. If you’re contemplating the purchase of a set of sparkling studs to enhance your jewelry collection, it’s worth spending a few minutes considering the advantages of opting for diamonds in preference to other gemstones. For many people investing in diamonds is a way of acquiring an item of enormous beauty which not only looks fantastic, but will also hold its value over the years.

Versatile classic design
Stud earrings are one of the most enduring jewelry styles; either a single stone or a small collection of gems are carefully placed in a precious metal setting which provides a delightful, understated accent. The simplicity of the setting enables it to provide a flattering accompaniment to any outfit, resulting in diamond stud earrings being amongst the most versatile of jewelry choices. Uncluttered and always appealing, studs make a tasteful contemporary statement as well as offering the perfect style feature in a more traditional outfit.

Showcases the stones wonderfully well
More complex earring styles often use intricately patterned settings or a number of contrasting stones in order to achieve a particular look. Whilst such pieces can work well in some cases, one of the benefits of selecting simple diamond stud earrings is that the classic setting allows plenty of visual emphasis on the stones. If you enjoy high caliber diamonds that should be appreciated for their spectacular appearance and relative rarity, stud styling allows the diamond to become the focus of attention.

More affordable studs can still look fantastic
Diamonds are almost inevitably pricey items, but choosing smaller stones, or those which are judged to be of a slightly lower grade can still ensure you enjoy a fantastic piece of jewelry which will be a delight both to look at and to wear. The current diamond market has plenty of affordable alternatives as well as superb stones which retail for thousands of dollars. Why not consider online retailers for your diamond stud earrings, or buying the stones then commissioning your own, unique piece? With a little imagination and effort it’s possible to own spectacular earrings which will certainly get you noticed for all the right reasons.

A popular classic which never goes out of style, diamond stud earrings are a great choice for any occasion. Whether you decide on an understated, discreet design or decide to make a powerful statement with some flamboyant styling and ostentatious stones, diamond stud earrings are an irresistible addition to any collection.

Diamond Engagement RingsBuying an engagement ring is one of the most important, yet daunting, tasks you will undertake when you are planning a surprise proposal. There is a wide array of choices when it comes to diamond engagement rings, so how do you choose the best one for your future fiancée? This mini-guide to engagement rings will help you choose the perfect ring.

The 4 C’s
When looking at diamond engagement rings, they may all seem the same, just in different designs. However, the diamonds vary greatly, so understanding the 4 C’s of a diamond will help you choose the perfect engagement ring. The 4 C’s include the cut, clarity, carat and color:

*The cut is the most important thing about a diamond. The cut does not have anything to do with the diamonds shape; it refers to the reflective qualities of the diamond. Diamond engagement rings with a good cut will give the diamond its brilliance (the ability to display light). The ideal brilliance comes from the center of the diamond and reflects out.

*The clarity of a diamond is determined by the number of surface blemishes as well as the number of inclusions, such as cracks, foreign material and/or air bubbles. The more perfect the diamond, the higher the clarity.

*The carat determines the weight (size) of the diamond. A carat is equal to 0.2 grams and is referenced within 2 decimal points.

*The color of diamonds ranges from totally colorless to pale yellow and brown. Diamonds with a color grade of D through F are the most expensive and the most valuable, because they have the least amount of color. The clearer the diamond the more valuable it is, as pure and colorless diamonds are rare.

Shape of the Diamond

The shape of diamond engagement rings are an important factor when choosing the perfect ring. If possible, it is recommended you try to determine which shape your fiancée. The basic categories of diamond shapes include:

*Round – the most common shape used in engagement rings.
*Pear – a teardrop shape.
*Emerald – rectangular or square with diagonal corners.
*Marquise – oval in shape.
*Heart shaped – another common cut for engagement rings.
*Princess cut – an extremely popular square or modified rectangular shape.

Metal Options
It is also important to consider the metal of the ring. The most popular choices are yellow gold, white gold and platinum. The easiest way to determine which type of metal she prefers is to pay attention to the jewelry she wears daily. You also need to have a budget in mind when selecting metals; platinum being the most expensive type of metal used in engagement rings.

When shopping for diamond engagement rings take your time and be prepared. Although a ring can be resized after it is purchased, it will be good to know the ring size before you go shopping, so you can buy the perfect sized ring, which means after receiving it she will not have to give it back to be resized.

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement RingsFor a diamond that glows with an inner fire, but offers a unique, square to slightly rectangle shape, the princess cut diamond is a very good option. The second most popular to round brilliant rings are the designs and styles of princess cut diamond engagement rings.

At Its Hot, we have one of the top selections of these fascinating and incredible timeless rings anywhere online. Our rings come in a variety of styles with white gold, platinum, yellow gold and rose gold bands and settings, perfect for the look you want.

One of the advantages we talk to our customers about when choosing princess cut diamond engagement rings is that they tend to be a lower priced diamond than diamonds of equal quality in other cuts and shapes. This has to do with the cutting process completed by expert jewelers. The development of the facets and the shape is more natural to the structure of the diamond, allowing for more precision cuts and less waste.

The Look
When you look at quality princess cut diamond engagement rings, you will see the beauty of the facets and how the light is reflected through the diamond, giving that amazing shimmer and hints of color. Additionally, with the actual facets and the cut process, small inclusions or internal flaws in the diamond are impossible to detect, allowing for the possibility to choose a slightly lower clarity rating in the prince cut and getting a much larger carat weight diamond for the price you wanted to spend.

It is important to realize that all diamonds have some inclusions, and unless they are noticeable to the naked eye, they in no way impact the beauty and the flawless look of the well-cut princess diamond.

The color, or actually the lack of color, is the most important aspect of a clear diamond. In making a selection look at the diamond in more than one light, and against a white background. You should choose from those that show no noticeable yellow color which will be classified as the near colorless or the grades G, H, I and J. There are grades above this, which include D, E and F, but they will not offer a better color and they will be considerably more expensive for the same size.

Choosing the right princess cut diamond also means considering the setting, the ring, and the possible option of wearing a wedding band that complements the style of the engagement ring. As these diamonds do have corners, a prong type of setting or a bezel setting is often the best choice to provide the optimal protection on the thinner corners of the stone.

Round Cut Engagement RingsWhether you are shopping with your fiancé for an engagement ring, or if you are buying it on your own for a surprise proposal, choosing the best diamond within your budget is always a key factor.

At Its Hot, we offer only the best diamonds and diamond jewelry, and we provide all the details for each of our rings. This includes the cut of the diamond, which will influence the shine and fire inside the diamonds, as well as the color, clarity and the carat weight. We also provide information on the options for the setting, and also on the metal of the setting to allow you to make the most informed decision even when buying your engagement ring online.

There are many different cuts of diamonds, but the most popular choices are always the round cut engagement rings. These may also be called the round brilliant cut, and they are the showiest of all the diamond cuts, making their popularity a given.

What is the Cut?
To the average consumer, and often in retail types of stores, you will hear the term cut used to mean the shape of the diamond. This is not technically correct, as the cut of the diamond is the actual process of cutting the facets into the diamond to cause the interior light to reflect.

A round diamond with a brilliant cut will have 58 different faces or facets in the stone which causes the light to bounce back and forth, giving of those glints of internal fire that make a diamond so special. This is one of the reasons these round cut engagement rings are so incredible to wear. They will literally sparkle and shine in even very limited light, and they will simply dazzle in bright light.

Color and Clarity
Clarity is the lack of flaws or internal imperfections in the diamond. The more flawless the diamond is, the more costly it will be, but slight imperfections invisible to the human eye are common in virtually all diamonds sold. As flaws or inclusions, which are internal cracks, spots or imperfections will limit light reflection, a lower classification of clarity can lead to a duller looking stone.

Color is really a misnomer; it is the lack of color that counts in diamonds unless you are considering fancy colored diamonds. As with clarity, unless you are looking at the diamond through a jewelers loop you may not be able to see the slight variations between different color ratings, particularly when you are close to the clear end of the spectrum.

Finally, you will also need to look at the carat. Larger carat round cut engagement rings will definitely make a statement, but smaller diamonds in a cluster or one larger round brilliant cut diamond surrounded by diamond chips or small stones will also make a very impressive engagement ring.