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Unique Diamond Engagement Rings You have finally found your soul mate, and now you are ready to look for that perfect engagement ring. There are various unique diamond engagement rings to choose from now that you are ready to ask your loving partner that life changing question. Getting engaged is a wonderful experience for both parties involved, but when it comes to choosing a diamond engagement ring, it becomes all about what she wants. There are some things you need to know in order to find the right unique diamond for your special someone.

Find Out What She Likes and Wants
It can be difficult to get everything that she likes and wants into one ring. Therefore you need to get as much information as possible so that you can get as close as possible to getting the right ring for her. First, find a way to get one of her rings so that you can have it sized. There is nothing that would spoil that moment than a ring that doesn’t fit.

Next, ask her friends about anything that she has said about what type, size, and color of ring she wants. Check out what other jewelry she wears and it what metals (if she wears a lot of white gold jewelry you should select white gold ring or platinum for example so it matcher her other jewelry items). If you don’t get any other information, make sure you get the shape of diamond that she wants. Girls talk about things like that, so she has probably mentioned it to her friends.

Once you have an idea of what to look for, it is time to head to the jeweler. Be ready to tell the jeweler about your prospective fiancée. All the little details about what she likes to do will help narrow down the search to find that diamond engagement ring for your loving partner.

Unique Rings Say that You Care
There are so many shapes, styles and colored rings to choose from. The standard white diamond is always a gorgeous stone, and you can never go wrong with it. In today’s world it is acceptable to add some color to an engagement ring. This will add pizazz to the ring. It will give the wow-factor that a woman will be looking for. Birthstone colors and favorite colors make for the beginning of a unique diamond engagement ring. Your loving partner will be ecstatic to see a colored diamond, especially if she prefers to stray from the traditional.

Adding the right cut to the stone will give it an eye catching sparkle. It is the cut of the diamond that will determine its shape and brilliance. Diamonds can be round, square, pear shaped, oval or diamond shaped. Round diamonds are the most popular diamond shapes for engagement ring as they give the most sparkle and shine, but princess cut diamonds are close second, followed by other more fancy shapes.

To make the best impression, pick the shape to fit the person’s personality. For example, choose a non-traditional shape, like a heart, for a non-traditional personality. She will love you for it.

Diamond Heart NecklaceIt is sometimes difficult for a man to express his feelings. Fortunately, giving the gift of a diamond heart necklace will make your beloved smile and make it easier to express what you are unable to say with words. By giving a diamond necklace to that special someone, she knows that she holds a special place in your heart.

The Right Necklace
The right necklace will adorn any outfit your beloved wears. What could be more romantic than draping the beautiful gift around your beloved’s neck? Of course, not every necklace is made equally. Many styles of necklaces are available. They come in the form of chains, braids, or links. Some come with a specific set of diamonds or stones, while others have stones the cover the entire chain.

Pendants are an added feature of charms or jewels that are suspended from a chain. A diamond heart necklace is a pendant that will make her smile, but choosing the right necklace also includes choosing the perfect length. It is the length that determines where the pendant falls against her chest. There are three basic lengths. The choker length emphasizes the wearer’s neckline and should come just above the collarbones. A choker is typically about 14-16 inches long. The princess length, 18 inches, is the most common, and it hangs just over the collarbones. The longest necklace length is 24 inches, and is called the opera length. This is a dramatic length that is worn over a blouse or a dress (usually a thicker chain is required for it and a larger pendant).

A Diamond Heart
Diamond heart pendants have become very popular, likely because they are so romantic and yet versatile. They can be combined with any style and color of chain. The diamond heart pendant necklace will be a great gift for a woman who is young or old, daughter, mother, wife, or a dear friend. Giving your beloved a diamond heart necklace is like giving her the better of two worlds.

Why should you choose a heart over any other symbol? The heart was first used on a Valentine’s Day card in 1910, and it has been used as a symbol to express the spiritual, emotional, and moral core of a human being. Poetically, the heart is a prevalent symbol that represents real love. For centuries, the diamond has been a symbol of love, purity, and excellence. Since diamonds are made from a strongest mineral found on earth, they have been known to symbolize strength and power with brilliance and beauty.

When you gift your beloved a diamond heart necklace, you have combined the love of the heart with the strength, power, and brilliance of the diamond. This will surely make her smile.

Diamond BandA beautiful diamond band says to the world that you love somebody, and this person loves you too. Diamond bands look great on both men and women, especially because a wedding band indicates important elements in a couple’s life. Traditionally, it represents eternal love and commitment that each part of the couple promises to give to each other. It speaks of respect, a promise of fidelity and a bond of unity. Above all else, the wedding band is a symbol of a legally binding agreement between two people. When diamonds are added to the band, it adds value to the promise and makes the rings look every more unique and beautiful.

The Wedding Band
The round wedding band symbolizes an eternal union, an endless love, and a promise that cannot be broken. The ring is significant because it has no beginning and no end. Its circular shape indicates that like the sun and the earth, the couple will be sharing in peace and contentment as a single unit. Typically, the bands are made of one of the precious metals (sterling silver, gold or platinum) as a sign of the strength in the marriage bond.

The Plain Band
Choosing the metal of the ring is just one of the many things to be concerned about. The plain wedding band can be made from a variety of metals. The more common: gold band was once the traditional wedding ring, and the simple style and practical use is what made them so popular. For the couple that has a very active lifestyle, the plain band is practical because it is easy to keep clean. On the other hand, other metals are increasing in their popularity. The choices available include titanium, platinum, palladium and white gold. These all give off the silvery-white look. Yellow gold and the new rose gold are more yellow.

The two most popular metals for rings are platinum and gold (be it 10k, 14k or 18k gold). Platinum is the rarest of the metals. It is mixed with an alloy, preferably not more than 5%, and is a durable metal that keeps its color for a lifetime. It eventually wears to a satiny finish and requires only light cleaning and surface polishing to maintain its beauty. A gold is a soft but strong metal which does not tarnish. It is the mixture of alloys that creates the different colors of white, yellow or rose.

The Touch of Diamonds
Nothing will show your love more than giving a diamond band. Precious stones, like diamonds, add value to the words ‘I do.’ The simplicity of the band and the elegance of the diamonds make for an unforgettable combination. Since the days of the ancient Egyptians, precious stones were added to wedding rings. Diamonds are associated with eternity because of their natural strength (a diamond is the strongest/hardest and most beautiful stone found on earth) and have been associated with love for centuries. A diamond band therefore is the perfect symbol to show your love.