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A Guide to Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond Wedding BandsDiamonds are precious stones which will never go out of style. Not only do these prized gems always dazzle and impress; they also retain their value over time. This is one reason why so many people believe diamonds last forever.

Diamond jewelry should be valued, not just for its expense but for what it has come to mean. They represent eternity and a long lasting bond. This is why they have been selected as the jewels of choice for most married couples. Husbands and wives want to constantly remember the bond which they share. So, a husband will present his wife with a wedding ring on their special day.

Diamond wedding bands come in a variety of different colors and styles. Colors include rose, turquoise and the popular chocolate brown hues. More exotic colors like canary yellow, mint and fiery orange are also available. Modern diamonds even come in purple and wine colors. While colored diamonds are in vogue, they still do not compare to the traditional clear diamond; this style of diamond remains the pinnacle of all types.

Jewelers now create complex designs for diamond wedding bands. They use precious metals such as platinum, gold and white gold for the band’s base. They then craft unique configurations into the metal. Diamond rings are shaped into hearts, birds and just about any other design a person can imagine.

Diamond wedding bands come in a variety of carats. A carat is the weight of a diamond and if a ring has more than one diamond; then it is measured in total carat weight. The heavier the carat weight of a diamond the more money a person will pay for the gem.

Diamond sizes are measured in millimeters. Size measurements are also based off of the shape of the diamond. There are three basic shapes for diamonds which include circles, squares and ovals. A 9 mm carat diamond could cost as much s $10,000 or more. Keep in mind a diamond’s value is also determined by other factors besides its carat weight.

Diamond purchasers should not forget the four components of a diamond or the 4 C’s. They include cut, color, clarity and carat. If a person understands these four specifications of a diamond they will pretty much know how to price and value a diamond.

Titanium bands are now one of the most popular types for diamond rings. This metal is now a hot commodity for men’s wedding bands but it is also used for women’s rings as well. It is lightweight when compared to the precious metals but it is also more durable than the softer metals of platinum and gold. This style of ring is sold in black, white and a stainless steel color.

No matter your tastes, you’re sure to find the perfect ring to symbolize the love you share for one another.