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An Enduring Classic: Diamond Stud Earrings

Classic Diamond Stud EarringsDo you know which stunning accessory Jennifer Aniston wore to the recent 20th Critics’ Choice Movie Awards or that Kate Hudson used with such style during the 72nd Golden Globes? The answer is a pair of striking diamond stud earrings. If you’re contemplating the purchase of a set of sparkling studs to enhance your jewelry collection, it’s worth spending a few minutes considering the advantages of opting for diamonds in preference to other gemstones. For many people investing in diamonds is a way of acquiring an item of enormous beauty which not only looks fantastic, but will also hold its value over the years.

Versatile classic design
Stud earrings are one of the most enduring jewelry styles; either a single stone or a small collection of gems are carefully placed in a precious metal setting which provides a delightful, understated accent. The simplicity of the setting enables it to provide a flattering accompaniment to any outfit, resulting in diamond stud earrings being amongst the most versatile of jewelry choices. Uncluttered and always appealing, studs make a tasteful contemporary statement as well as offering the perfect style feature in a more traditional outfit.

Showcases the stones wonderfully well
More complex earring styles often use intricately patterned settings or a number of contrasting stones in order to achieve a particular look. Whilst such pieces can work well in some cases, one of the benefits of selecting simple diamond stud earrings is that the classic setting allows plenty of visual emphasis on the stones. If you enjoy high caliber diamonds that should be appreciated for their spectacular appearance and relative rarity, stud styling allows the diamond to become the focus of attention.

More affordable studs can still look fantastic
Diamonds are almost inevitably pricey items, but choosing smaller stones, or those which are judged to be of a slightly lower grade can still ensure you enjoy a fantastic piece of jewelry which will be a delight both to look at and to wear. The current diamond market has plenty of affordable alternatives as well as superb stones which retail for thousands of dollars. Why not consider online retailers for your diamond stud earrings, or buying the stones then commissioning your own, unique piece? With a little imagination and effort it’s possible to own spectacular earrings which will certainly get you noticed for all the right reasons.

A popular classic which never goes out of style, diamond stud earrings are a great choice for any occasion. Whether you decide on an understated, discreet design or decide to make a powerful statement with some flamboyant styling and ostentatious stones, diamond stud earrings are an irresistible addition to any collection.