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Reasons To Choose Black Diamond Earrings

October 17th, 2017 by

Black Diamond EarringsIt seems that colored or fancy diamonds have really come to the forefront in fashion and style. To keep up with the demand of our customers, we have expanded our inventory of black diamonds in everything from dinner rings to beautiful black diamond earrings for all occasions.

One of the biggest reasons that black diamonds have become so popular is the use of black diamonds in the fashion industry. Stars and celebrities are also focusing in on black diamonds and fancy colored diamonds as a unique and different option to the traditional clear, actually known as white, diamonds.

Create a Dramatic Look
It is important to realize that black diamonds are very different in their character than white diamonds. While they do sparkle and have the ability to reflect light, they are not transparent, and light doesn’t enter into the diamond to create the fire noted in quality white diamonds

Instead, a black diamond tends to reflect the light out. When surrounded by white diamonds, or on its own, it provides very dramatic contracts and a sophistication that is very difficult to describe. They can also be extremely attractive in a pavé style either combined with pavé style white diamonds or just set into the earrings, bracelet or ring.

With black diamond earrings, you can choose the setting in either white, yellow or rose gold and really see the diamonds pop. This may be one of the few gemstones that are a good match with any type of setting, and they also look amazing as a stud earring with just that slight hint of the color of the setting because of the prongs on the edge of the edge.

The bezel style is also very popular, which holds the diamond into the setting without any prongs, creating a unique appearance where the diamond seems to hover without being held in place.

We stock a great selection of black diamond earrings that are perfect for men or women. They can be worn with formal attire for an evening out, or they make a great daily wear earring.

More elaborate and ornate styles of chandelier, hoop or black diamond cluster earrings are other popular choices. Taking the time to actually look through the different styles is important, but most people will want to have more than one style of these very beautiful gemstone earrings.