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Category:’s Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry – Perfect Tools to Rule the Weekend Parties

July 10th, 2014 by

Hip Hop music gave birth to some truly distinctive fashion trends, and it started a revolution as far as accessorizing is concerned. This music is a blend of different beats from various genres of music taken from all across the globe, but has its own individual style. The same stands true for hip hop fashion, which though inspired by different cultures, is today a unique genre of fashion in itself with an intimidating presence. Speaking of Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry, initially this category comprised mostly of door-knocker earrings, knuckle rings and big emblem necklaces, but today you will find many more choices in terms of designs and patterns.

Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry
Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry

At, they have a huge range of jewelry that epitomizes hip hop fashion at its audacious best. They are a well-recognized diamond jewelry store with expertise in manufacturing their own jewelry pieces and offering a hip and happening array of hip hop jewelry designed with heightened craftsmanship to create exclusive pieces of Real Hip Hop Jewelry and Real Gold Diamond Bling Bling Iced Out Jewelry. For instance, the store is home to the attitude-flaunting Black Diamond Chain Necklace, Iced Out Diamond Guitar Pendant, designer Oversized Diamond Platinum Men’s Cross Pendant, and much more. With, you can also get Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry pieces customized as per your specific wishes, simply contact their sales team and provide a drawing or a detailed description of the pendant, ring, bracelet or any other jewelry type you would like them to create. enjoys popularity for offering these stylish creations at the lowest possible prices. Log onto and browse through this huge collection of hip hop jewelry or visit their NYC showroom located at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, NY, 10036.

Diamond Crosses from Priceless like Your Faith

July 1st, 2014 by

When your life is rough, when you lose sight of your dreams and find your self-belief fading away, just remember that no obstacle is too big when your faith in the divine stays steadfast. Diamond crosses from have been strengthening and reviving the self-conviction of many, only by bringing faith close to their heart albeit in a stylish and sophisticated way. Notwithstanding your age or your gender, these crosses will unleash a new wave of inner strength reflected amply in your personality and outlook toward life.

Diamond Cross Pendants
Diamond Cross Pendants is a leading diamond jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler in New York City creating divine and exquisite Diamond Cross Pendants and necklaces for both men and women. Keeping in mind people’s varied tastes; they develop both classic and contemporary designs. You will find Princess & Round Diamond Cross Pendants, Pave Diamond Cross Pendants, Designer Oversized Diamond Cross Pendants, Hip-Hop pendants and necklaces, and more. All products are carved from premium  10K, 14K or 18K rose, yellow or white gold, sterling silver or platinum, and  embedded with superlative and genuine diamonds.

At you can shop with confidence for diamond cross necklaces and pendants, as the store is known for its world-class quality and lower than retail prices along with a full one-year warranty and safe and fully insured FedEx mail with signature confirmation.

To view their complete collection, you can either visit the showroom at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, New York, NY 10036 or simply log on to We ensure exemplary 24/7 customer service, risk-free online shopping experience, 30 day returns and no restocking fees.

Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry from ItsHot.Com: It’s Time to Wear Your Attitude

June 23rd, 2014 by

Some say life is too short and others disagree with this, the real question, however, is not how many days you live, but how fully you lived those days. In this one life of yours, you follow your own terms whether it is education, profession or personal relations. Then why should your styling be any different? It should be a perfect reflection of you. Hip hop diamond jewelry is known for their one-of-a-kind exceptional designs and patterns that are ideal accessories for displaying your individuality. It’s really no wonder some of the leading music artists around the world are seen proudly wearing this statement-making genre of diamond jewelry.


Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry
Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry is a leading diamond jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of diamond jewelry that maintains a comprehensive and updated collection dedicated to this particular variety of jewelry. Their array features truly dynamic and unique Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry pieces made from the finest gold, silver or platinum, and encrusted with superlative genuine diamonds. You will witness trend-setting designs of diamond pendants, bracelets, diamond rings and necklaces that enjoy popularity among both men and women. Shopping at also means the chance to get customized jewelry carved in specific designs that you desire. Another advantage is the fact that because they manufacture their own jewelry products, there are no middlemen involved and therefore they assure you lowest possible price.

Visit their showroom located at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, New York, NY or log on to to view and shop for their Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry.

Exceptional and Artistic Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry Only at

June 4th, 2014 by, a distinguished manufacturer and wholesaler of diamond jewelry in New York, is home to exceptionally-developed Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry available in numerous artistic and unique designs. These ingenious and unique jewelry pieces are known to provide the wearer with a downright distinctive look, and helps them stand out in the fashion crowd.

Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry
Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry

The ensemble presented by is wide and diverse comprising trendsetting men’s and women’s pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and chains such as the Medusa Medallion pendants in Versace style, Iced Out Diamond Earrings with classic white or color diamonds such as blue diamonds, yellow diamonds, chocolate diamond and black diamonds, oversized Diamond Platinum Men’s Pendants, diamond bracelets, iced out company logos and many more.

They also custom design diamond hip hop jewelry as per the specific demands of the customers in their desired patterns using the diamonds and precious metals of their choice. You can send a picture, drawing or a detailed description of your dream design and ItsHot’s team will provide a 3D image of what the final product will look like, and after your approval will the designing process start. offers their real Hip Hop Jewelry and Real Gold Diamond Iced Out Jewelry at the lowest possible wholesale prices as they are the actual manufacturers.

In addition to  hip hop jewelry, they also offer several beautiful diamond jewelry items in varied genres like wedding bands, engagement rings, cross pendants, and eternity bands, just to name a few, well over 20,000 unique diamond jewelry designs are available. They also provide a great collection of diamond watches of popular brands like Rolex, Joe Rodeo, Gucci, Luxurman, Jacob and Co. and many more.

Manufactured from top-notch diamonds and precious metals such as gold, platinum and sterling silver all ordered hip hop diamond jewelry comes with a one-year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. Fully insured FedEx mail with signature confirmation is opted by for safe delivery. Customers can either purchase securely from the online store, or from their retail store located at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, New York, NY 10036.

Get the Most Extraordinary Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry at

April 28th, 2014 by, a well-known diamond jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler in New York, is the ultimate destination for those who are looking for hip hop diamond jewelry items. Their collection of real diamond hip hop jewelry is extraordinary and offers a completely unique look to anyone who wears it. Their wide selection of diamond hip hop jewelry includes both womens and men’s rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and chains, such as Gold Color Diamond Pirate Skull Pendant, Diamond Star Earrings, Men’s Sterling Silver Diamond Cross Pendant, Oversized Princess Cut Diamonds Men’s Ring and many more. They also enable their customers to customize their hip hop diamond jewelry items with various patterns of fancy color diamonds, free of charge. Each of the diamonds they use is 100% authentic and 100% dazzling. Completely custom designs are also welcome: you can send a picture of your dream pendant, ring, etc, and their team will create a 3D image and will walk you through the process of creating your own, completely custom jewelry piece.

Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry
Hip Hop Diamond Jewelry

Apart from the assortment of diamond hip hop jewelry, the diamond jewelry store also offers other types of diamond jewelry items like engagement rings, eternity bands, wedding bands, diamond earrings, cross pendants, and diamond Jesus peace pendants, just to name a few. They also resell a wide variety of diamond watches that belong to renowned brands like Gucci, Rolex, Luxurman, Jacob and Co, Joe Rodeo among others. offers free shipping with FedEx within the continental USA and discounted worldwide shipping. All packages are shipped via fully insured Air mail with signature confirmation for safe and fast delivery. Customers can either buy the products from the safe and secure online store, or from their retail store located at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, New York, NY 10036. They guarantee their customers will always be satisfied with their products and services.