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Look Dapper and Stylish with Women’s & Men’s Black Diamond Watches from

April 7th, 2014 by

Nothing can match the timeless charm of exquisitely designed women’s and men’s black diamond watches from some of the world’s most popular brands like Breitling, Joe Rodeo, Rolex, Luxurman, Centorum, Jacob and Co, and many more at Available in elegantly attractive designs, the sheen of the diamonds carved into sophisticated patterns make these watches the perfect accessory to enable men and women to uphold and maintain a charismatic fashion statement. The watches’ sleek and luxurious designs also make them an ideal gift option for your favorite man or lady in your life. In terms of movement, you will find genteel choices like fine Swiss-made quartz movement, Japan-made quartz movement, precise Swiss-made chronograph quartz movement, multiple time zone watches and many more. Embellished with genuine black diamonds, these watches carry full manufacturer’s  warranty, as well.

Black Diamond Watches
Black Diamond Watches

In addition to watches, boasts an exotic collection of black diamond jewelry comprising of   black diamond studs and other earrings such as hoops, huggies, etc., along with rings,  bracelets, chain necklaces and pendants studded with authentic black diamonds. The store has individual selections and designs in the categories of men’s and women’s black diamond jewelry, with each range rich with bold, alluring and diverse designs, shapes and cuts. These match perfectly with any wardrobe, formal or casual, for a glamorous and stylish look. You can browse their entire array of black diamond jewelry pieces at or visit their NYC showroom. For those with their own unique designs in mind, you can contact the store’s sales team and have them create your own unique design.’s expertise lies in developing custom-designed jewelry pieces.

Diamond Watches from The Time to Shine Is Now

April 1st, 2014 by

Whether it’s to become more glamorous, show off as a status symbol, or leave a lasting impression on your peers, Diamond watches will successfully accomplish either goal every single time. No wonder everyone in Hollywood’s glitterati circuit is hardly ever spotted without a shimmering time piece. Even people who don’t consider themselves fans of jewelry find it hard to resist these diamond studded watches elegantly designed in tasteful patterns.

Diamond Watches
Diamond Watches

At, you will find a myriad of choices in the range of women’s and men’s diamond watches that are created specifically to enhance the wearer’s charm and elegance. These watches are versatile enough to match any style, whether it’s casual  or formal.

If you want your watch to captivate in just a glance, choose an outlet that is trusted for the quality of its creations. is the owner of a proud legacy of premium diamonds that are put together to perfection in impeccable designs. They maintain this status in their exquisite range of men’s and women’s diamond watches by offering superlative choices of popular brands like Joe Rodeo, Rolex, Gucci, Luxurman, Jacob and Co and many more. Besides this, purchasing these contemporary diamond embedded watches at is easy on the pocketbook too, because you won’t find impressive discounts of up to 80% anywhere else but here.

At, you can select from a dynamic array of diamond heart watches, diamond bezel watches, fully iced out watches and other attractive designs. The store provides most of these diamond watches with extra leather bands of different colors, along with original packaging, one to two year warranty and all the necessary paper work. There is a great selection of over 1,000 diamond watches available at this store all guaranteed to be authentic and include free shipping within USA and  full 30 days money back guarantee (there are no restocking fees) making your shopping experience pleasurable and risk free. Start shopping for your dream diamond watch today! Women’s and Men’s Diamond Watches: Time at Its Trendiest Best

March 11th, 2014 by

Never known to compromise on either style or quality, has gained an unmatched prominence for presenting elegant designs of diamond watches from top notch brands like Rolex, Gucci, Luxurman, Joe Rodeo, Jacob and Co, Centorum and many others.  The bling of this collection of watches, embellished with shimmering rocks, is upheld by variations like fully iced out watches,  diamond bezel watches, floating diamond watches, diamond heart watches and many other designs. These watches are well above the regular choices, and allow you to accessorize stylishly and be confident for casual parties and formal luncheons.

Diamond Watches
Diamond Watches

Ladies can charm their way into the hearts of coworkers and friends with’s supremely charismatic diamond watches designed specifically to suit the feminine mystique. Men will also be astounded to explore a grand collection of men’s diamond watches that have both intimidating designs, and brand names to make the ladies go weak in the knees.

And the best part? This alluring combination of style and confidence won’t cost you a fortune because you are shopping at This store is known for its perennial discount season, when they offer these premium watches at the lowest prices possible. Currently, you can get up to 80% off on both men’s and women’s diamond watches. Given’s stellar reputation, you can rest assured that you will get only genuine products with no blemishes on quality. You will also get depending on the brand one or two year warranty and free gift packaging – extra benefits to ensure that customers are happy and content. All diamond watches as any other items from come with free US shipping, discounted worldwide shipping, 30 days 100% money back guarantee and absolutely no restocking fees for risk free shopping experience. Start shopping for your unique diamond watch today and save up to 80% on name brand watches!


ItsHot.Com Diamond Watches – For Glamorous Times Ahead

February 27th, 2014 by

It is ever so easy to draw similarities between a diamond watch and a tinsel town diva; both attract attention for very similar reasons like chiseled good looks, sleek persona, glamour and style. And like a movie starlet, these diamond watches stun onlookers making them weak in the knees with oozing charm and bling.

Diamond Watches
Diamond Watches

Well intact with these alluring aspects, exceptional designs and sleek structure, diamond watches today find a place in the elite zone as far as the sphere of fashion accessories is concerned.  Amidst all these captivating features, the best thing about a diamond watch is its potential to match and augment the style quotient of any outfit. In other words, studded with the most precious gems found on earth, these watches are your vehicle to the world of confidence and charisma.

Stay up to the minute with popular designs and classic styles of diamond watches only at, New York City’s most trusted and fashionable store for the best collection of both mens and womens diamond watches. They present the most luxurious options that are definitely not just another diamond accessory.

Their assortment comprises diamond heart watches, floating diamond watches, diamond bezel watches full diamond watches featuring diamonds on the bezel, sides of the case and even bands and other popular designs. These watches from top manufacturers such as Joe Rodeo, Rolex, Jacob and Co, Luxurman, Chanel, Invicta, Centorum, Breitling and others are high on both grace and glamour and the store adds an attractive offer of up to 80% off on both Ladies and Mens diamond watches. Besides this, every watch is guaranteed to be 100% authentic, while ships them in their original packaging with a one to five year warranty and all the paperwork. Stop by the NYC store or log in online to start shopping for your favorite diamond watch today!


Make a Bold Style Statement with Black Diamond Watches from

February 17th, 2014 by

The world of fashion has its own set of unique accessories and black diamond watches hold a place of prominence in this particular realm. Off course these diamond watches display the current time as any other watch does, but their ability to give the wearer a unique and intimidating style goes beyond time in every fashion era. Black diamonds are also classic an timeless, so no matter what the current fashion trends are, black diamond watches popularity remains top-notch. The timelessness of these timepieces owes to the fact that these are an inimitable combination of the mysticism of the color black, and the elegance of lustrous diamonds.

Black Diamond Watches
Black Diamond Watches

Aside from this, as black diamonds are highly rare, these black diamond studded watches have no match in exquisiteness. The rarity further implies that these gems should be used with extreme precision to ensure that any accessory or jewlery studded with them should be nothing less than excellent. Therefore customers should opt only for the most premium designed watches that have brilliance in their movement and styling. These facets can be obtained only with jewelry stores that have in-depth experience and expertise and have been enjoying customers’ trust for a very long time., located in the heart of the diamond jewelry district in New York City, maintains a top of the line collection of black diamond watches for both men and women. Made from first-rate real black diamonds, these exotic timepieces from top brands such as Chanel, Joe Rodeo, Luxurman, Jacob and Co, Aqua Master, Centorum, Luccello, Invicta and many others, come with a one to five year warranty. In fact, not only watches, the store also has an all-inclusive collection of Black Diamond Jewelry comprising rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. all embellished with precious and rare black diamonds so its easy for the customers to complete their very unique style. Those looking to make a completely different style statement should visit’s outlet in NYC, or they can browse and buy their black diamond jewelry pieces right online at