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Tips For Matching Diamond Anniversary Rings To A Wedding Set

October 10th, 2017 by

Matching Diamond Anniversary Rings To A Wedding SetAt Its Hot, we offer a full line of all types and styles of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings. We also sell wedding sets, many which come with the anniversary ring that the couple can keep until a specific anniversary.

With sets, couples may choose to add the anniversary band or ring to the set after the first year of living as husband and wife. For more traditional diamond anniversary rings purchased separately from wedding set they are often given on the fifth or tenth anniversary, but there are no set rules, and it is really up to the couple.

Where to Wear
Just as there are no set rules for when to add the anniversary ring, there are also no set rules on which finger to wear it. Many women choose to wear the band on the same finger as the wedding set, so this will have a bearing on the style and design selected.

It is also common for women and more and more often for men, to wear an anniversary ring on the ring finger of the right hand. This is often the best choice for a very stylized wedding set or if you have a large wedding band or ring that makes it difficult to add another ring.

Three Stone Rings
One of the most popular options in diamond anniversary rings is the three stone ring. This has a moderate sized diamond flanked by two slightly smaller or similar sized stones. They may be diamonds or other types of precious or semi-precious stones.

It is also common for the band to have diamond chips either in a pavé setting or a channel setting.

Eternity Rings
These are typically a smaller, thinner band in white, rose or yellow gold, or even in platinum or silver, with smaller diamond chips that encircle the entire band. These can be very ornate and feature small milgrain, or a small edge of raised dots around the top and bottom of the band. More ornate options can include engraving and different combinations of white, yellow and rose gold with various gemstones.

Different cuts of smaller diamonds or gemstone in the band can include marquise cut or baguettes combined with round diamonds makes an interesting and very eye-catching option. This is perfect as a ring on its own or worn with a simple wedding band.

Each couple that shops with us has their own particular taste and preference. Within our selection, you are sure to find the perfect diamond anniversary rings for your next anniversary.