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Everything You Need To Know Before Buying Diamond Studs

October 31st, 2017 by

Top Quality Diamond JewelryAt Its Hot, we take pride in the top quality diamond jewelry we sell at extremely low prices. Sometimes people wonder why diamond studs are so differently priced, and what they should know to ensure they are getting a great low price, but not sacrificing quality or beauty.

As with most jewelry items featuring diamonds, the size, cut, color and clarity are going to be critical in getting the look you want. However, because these earrings are not going to be examined up close, most people opt for a slightly lower color and clarity than you may want in a solitaire on a ring. This can allow you to have the option to select a slightly larger size of diamond.

Additionally, keep in mind that diamond studs are not going to necessarily be completely and perfectly identical as they are two different gemstones. There may be very slight ratings on the clarity and color, but these should be impossible to detect with the human eye. In other words, they may have a slightly different properties with regard to grading, but when placed side by side you will not be able to notice a difference in size, cut, clarity or color.

Virtually all stud styles of earrings with any gemstone are going to feature prong types of settings. Depending on the shape and the size of the diamonds you may see three or more prongs.

With top quality and designs, the prongs are carefully designed to add to the look of the earrings and not to detract from the look of the diamond. Choosing a white gold or platinum will often result in a very low visibility setting, while a yellow or rose gold will stand out from the diamond a bit more.

If you are investing in top quality diamond studs, we recommend you look carefully at the type of back. Often the lower quality earrings will use a simple push on back. These styles can result in the backs becoming loose on the post and sliding off, increasing the risk of losing the earring.

Screw backs are often the best option, as they have to be turned on the post for removal. Keep in mind that screw posts are a bit thicker and do have the ridges, which may irritate sensitive ears.

Ideally, talk to the person you are giving the earrings to and ask about the types of backs they prefer. You can also check in their jewelry box, just run your fingernail along the post of their earrings and if you feel ridges, they are using the screw back style.