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A Guide to Diamond Wedding Bands

December 5th, 2017 by

Diamond Wedding BandsDiamonds are precious stones which will never go out of style. Not only do these prized gems always dazzle and impress; they also retain their value over time. This is one reason why so many people believe diamonds last forever.

Diamond jewelry should be valued, not just for its expense but for what it has come to mean. They represent eternity and a long lasting bond. This is why they have been selected as the jewels of choice for most married couples. Husbands and wives want to constantly remember the bond which they share. So, a husband will present his wife with a wedding ring on their special day.

Diamond wedding bands come in a variety of different colors and styles. Colors include rose, turquoise and the popular chocolate brown hues. More exotic colors like canary yellow, mint and fiery orange are also available. Modern diamonds even come in purple and wine colors. While colored diamonds are in vogue, they still do not compare to the traditional clear diamond; this style of diamond remains the pinnacle of all types.

Jewelers now create complex designs for diamond wedding bands. They use precious metals such as platinum, gold and white gold for the band’s base. They then craft unique configurations into the metal. Diamond rings are shaped into hearts, birds and just about any other design a person can imagine.

Diamond wedding bands come in a variety of carats. A carat is the weight of a diamond and if a ring has more than one diamond; then it is measured in total carat weight. The heavier the carat weight of a diamond the more money a person will pay for the gem.

Diamond sizes are measured in millimeters. Size measurements are also based off of the shape of the diamond. There are three basic shapes for diamonds which include circles, squares and ovals. A 9 mm carat diamond could cost as much s $10,000 or more. Keep in mind a diamond’s value is also determined by other factors besides its carat weight.

Diamond purchasers should not forget the four components of a diamond or the 4 C’s. They include cut, color, clarity and carat. If a person understands these four specifications of a diamond they will pretty much know how to price and value a diamond.

Titanium bands are now one of the most popular types for diamond rings. This metal is now a hot commodity for men’s wedding bands but it is also used for women’s rings as well. It is lightweight when compared to the precious metals but it is also more durable than the softer metals of platinum and gold. This style of ring is sold in black, white and a stainless steel color.

No matter your tastes, you’re sure to find the perfect ring to symbolize the love you share for one another.

Express Your Eternal Love with a Diamond Wedding Band from

May 22nd, 2015 by

14k-gold-diamond-mens-wedding-ring-120ct-p-25566_4Diamond wedding bands are trendy, elegant and stylish. As a sophisticated piece of jewelry, these bands never go out of fashion. Diamond bands also symbolize fidelity and commitment between a man and a woman. Not only do they represent a special bond between the couple, they are also used to express true eternal love for your partner. Individuals looking for diamond wedding bands will find a dazzling collection at A renowned manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of diamond jewelry in NY, offers a range of diamond wedding bands at unbeatable prices.

Available in 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, platinum and sterling silver, you will find an extensive range of diamond wedding bands at this jewelry store. Their collection includes men’s diamond wedding bands, women’s diamond wedding bands, designer wedding ring bands, diamond eternity bands, plain gold wedding bands and black diamond wedding rings, etc. All of the diamond wedding bands that the jewelry store offers are quality-made and come with a one-year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

View an unrivaled collection of diamond wedding bands and purchase yours securely at, or stop by their retail outlet located at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, New York, NY 10036 to view and purchase in person from their collection of elegant diamond wedding bands along with the thousands of other items they offer. Always at guaranteed lowest prices, your diamond wedding band will be delivered to you packaged nicely in a beautiful gift box, via fully insured FedEx mail with signature confirmation. Start shopping for your striking diamond wedding band today!

Make Your Wedding Perfect with Diamond Wedding Bands from

October 17th, 2014 by

Diamond Wedding BandsAn ideal wedding is incomplete without a unique diamond wedding band. If you’re getting married, make sure you buy the most unique set of wedding bands. However, if you think a diamond wedding band will cost a lot more, keep the notion of “diamonds are expensive” away. At, diamond wedding bands can be bought at the lowest prices possible. What makes them worth buying is the design of each of the wedding bands. Their men’s and women’s diamond wedding bands are at wholesale prices 365 days a year – free of hype and gimmicks. Each of the diamond wedding bands they offer is available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Their diamond eternity bands can be customized with different color diamonds. Be it a collection of diamond eternity bands, wedding bands or diamond anniversary bands, each of their bands is one of a kind. Their collections of eternity bands and wedding bands include Thin Half Bezel Round Diamond Eternity Band 5ct 14K Gold, 14K Gold Pave Diamond Wedding Band, and Thin 2 Row Diamond Wedding Band 10K, just to name a few.

The entire collection of eye-catching diamond wedding bands offered by can be viewed and purchased securely at, or you can stop by their retail outlet located at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, New York, NY 10036 to view and purchase alluring diamond wedding bands along with the thousands of other items they offer. Or actually describe your own unique design and have it created right there. Always offered at guaranteed lowest prices, your diamond wedding band will be delivered to you packaged nicely in a beautiful gift box, via fully insured FedEx mail with signature confirmation. Start shopping for your diamond wedding band today!

Make the Most Important Moment of Your Life Truly Perfect with Diamond Wedding Rings from

April 24th, 2014 by

A wedding is an important day in anyone’s life (no one will agree more than a commitment-phobe), and helps to make it perfect with its regally designed collection of diamond wedding rings. The store has a trusted reputation for its great looking diamond jewelry and aesthetic designs, and frequently introduces new choices to make the collection even more vivid. Ultimately, customers get a large assortment from which they can select their favorite for this special occasion.

Diamond Wedding Rings
Diamond Wedding Rings

Their entire ensemble not only includes some of the most mesmerizing wedding ring designs for women, but is equally as rich and sophisticated in its handsome men’s diamond rings. In other words, the store knows what women want for themselves and for their significant other, as well. If pricing is an aspect that bothers you whenever you think about diamonds, don’t worry because is a customer-oriented entity. Also, since they are the manufacturer as well as the wholesaler of diamond jewelry, this means that no middle man is ever involved, and they can offer factory-direct wholesale prices directly to end consumers much lower than usual retail prices.

All ordered wedding rings are delivered by Air Mail so you are sure to be prepared for the special moment. Crafted from premium quality yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum, and encrusted with superlative diamonds, every product of theirs is a masterpiece in itself. has the skills and facilities to gratify those with specific designs in mind through their customization services. You can email or fax the design and the team of craftsmen at the store will develop a wedding ring precisely as per your desired specifications. In addition to wedding rings, customers can also look through the collection online for engagement rings, diamond eternity rings, diamond necklaces, and more. Diamond Wedding Band Sets – A Couple in Itself

January 20th, 2014 by

Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. – Khalil Gibran
A diamond wedding band might look like plain diamond jewelry to some, but in reality it is the epitome of a beautiful relationship called marriage. It is an object that is meant to represent the “forever” unification of two souls into one. Maybe that is why several cultures have considered diamond wedding bands as the ideal, visual hallmark to flaunt the commitment between a husband and a wife.

The popularity and demand for these bands increases with each moment. For obvious reasons, people prefer to buy these bands in sets – one for the groom and the other for the wife. Thus, the most important aspects of these sets is the compatibility between both bands.

Diamond Wedding Bands
Diamond Wedding Bands

New York’s favorite diamond jewelry store,, offers customers beautiful diamond wedding band sets – the bands of which perfectly complement each other. The store keeps a fantastic selection of women’s and men’s wedding bands – each having a unique allure of its own. The store offers some of the most unique and captivating designs that are sure to define the true meaning of the love for your partner. also stores a fine collection of diamond eternity bands – designed with similar expertise and dedication. Customers can browse these collections at’s retail store or from its safe and secure online store.