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Spring is here and It’s time to Flaunt your Belly rings, Toe Rings, Nose Rings from

April 11th, 2012 by

Body Jewelry is very in now. Although Body Jewelry dates far back thousands of years, many people associate piercing and Body Jewelry with current times because it has become widely accepted among people of all ages and walks of life.

Body Jewelry
Body Jewelry announces some spectacular additions to its already pretty palette of real Diamond Body Jewelry, which includes elegant and exotic diamond belly rings, 14K gold nose stud rings and stylish toe rings, all handcrafted with brilliant high quality diamonds. Whether you are interested in dangle belly button rings, cute navel rings, or white gold toe rings, our Gold & Diamond Body Jewelry Collection is sure to have something special just for you. even specializes in Custom Jewelry in 18k gold or Platinum.

It is a very bold fashion statement that women make with the belly rings. They love the modern and fun designs that these belly button rings come with. Have a look at our wide selection of dangle belly button rings and cute naval rings at the best prices you can find and the most unique selection.  Our reputation is known worldwide with our exports going to the Canada, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.

Our 20 year experience in manufacturing and wholesale of fine diamond jewelry, vast knowledge of workmanship and consumer needs has helped us to develop a fine line of over hundreds of diamond nose rings and we are constantly expanding. Belly piercing is embraced by women all over the world, nose piercings also looks great on particular faces, if the correct shape, size and colour is chosen by the wearer. We have one of the most unique diamond Body Jewelry: from dangling diamond belly button rings, to solitaire ones to the one with special characters like bunny, zipper, key, etc, to completely custom ones (you can send us your design and we will make it for you). No one walks away from without something they will treasure forever in hand.

Every girl loves a little twinkle on their toes by wearing an attractive toe ring which adds to their personality and style. has a beautiful collection of toe rings for you to coordinate with your outfits and flash this summer.’s Unique Jewelry is entirely handcrafted and really stands out. Every diamond jewelry item is made from real gold and high quality diamonds. From one of a kind designer diamond rings and pendants with exquisite fancy color diamonds to intricately-designed diamond necklaces and fully iced out watches, our unique jewelry pieces impress with elaborate design and craftsmanship.

All of our Diamond Body Jewelry is guaranteed to be quality made from solid gold and with real diamonds, and includes 1 year warranty. Each diamond Body Jewelry piece will be shipped to you in a nice gift box by insured mail with signature confirmation.  Log onto for more details or visit our NYC store at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, New York, NY.

Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry – Perspicuous Sparkle Of Exquisite Craftsmanship

May 25th, 2010 by

Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry is the most vibrant way to express unique and exuberant style statement, which is unrivaled anywhere else. Shimmering display of diamonds laced with innovative shape and eye catching theme produce the most desirable effect with diamond hip hop jewelry. Recognized as the hottest diamond jewelry accessories by style creators, diamond hip hop jewelry is breathtaking and marvelous in design motifs.

Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry
Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry

Sizzling Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry is available in white as well as fabulous fancy colored diamonds, which mesmerize the ambiance and hog limelight everywhere. Both men and women find diamond hip hop jewelry as enthralling diamond jewelry accessories, suitable for every occasion.

With, you can be assured of experiencing a rich and comprehensive collection of enticing diamond hip hop jewelry and other diamond jewelry accessories. is the online super store of exhilarating diamond jewelry accessories and diamond watches for both men and women. Within the vast galleries of, one can find distinct Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry including diamond hip hop rings, hip hop earrings, hip hop bracelets and diamond hip hop watches all created with authentic diamonds.

Aided with experienced and skilled artisans having invaluable proficiency of more than two decades, manufactures diamond hip hop jewelry and all type of diamond jewelry accessories at its own production base which allows us to offer the lowest possible price on diamonds jewelry as there are no middlemen. You can also opt for customized diamond hip hop jewelry, tailor made as per your special needs.

Avail splendid offers like free FedEx delivery all over US and 30 day money back guarantee along with one year warranty and lowest assured price on every diamond jewelry item exhibited on our website. With, you can never be short of options. Log on to now, and start shopping your cherished and most desired Diamond Hip Hop Jewelry and all type of diamond jewelry accessories at rock bottom prices.

Black Onyx Rings – The Mystery of Black Luster

February 26th, 2010 by

Black Onyx Rings are exclusive jewelry accessories and with unisex appeal they accentuate the dress and individuality of the wearer. With a sinister look yet an amazing appeal and charming beauty, Black Onyx rings inspire onlookers. Valued for their one of a kind look, Black Onyx rings grab all the attention with a stunning aura.

The origin of the word “Onyx” can be traced back to the Greek word “Onux” which stands for Goddess of beauty, Venus. Black Onyx is believed to be a talisman and a lucky stone that turns the fortunate in the favor of the wearer particularly people with the zodiac sign of Leo. Black Onyx is also believed to bring love and harmony for married couples and therefore Black Onyx Rings make perfect gift for wedding anniversary.

With a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, Black Onyx is a long lasting gemstone and therefore Black Onyx Rings are an everlasting gift for loved ones. Available in Platinum, 18k or 14k yellow, rose, white gold and a rich spectrum of design, shapes and various sizes, Black Onyx rings can also be customized and decorated with any color and quality diamonds. is the largest and the most trusted source of Black Onyx Rings as well as fine crafted diamond jewelry and name brand diamond watches. Our Black Onyx rings possess excellent craftsmanship and at the same time are amazingly affordable. All our Black Onyx rings and other jewelry accessories are simply a work of art with years of expertise and new-age technology going into their making. We follow the highest standard of quality which makes us the most reputable diamond jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler. offers fine and elegant Black Onyx Rings at wholesale prices directly to the public.

Diamond wedding rings – Aesthetics To Admire

December 3rd, 2009 by

Diamond Wedding Rings have been celebrating the true love since time immemorial, allowing a bride and a groom to exude exquisite charm and excellence on the most special day of their lives.

A timeless jewelry piece, diamond wedding rings are considered the best token of eternal love and ageless bond as diamonds remain untouched by the time owing to their unique hardness. Elegant diamond wedding rings symbolize a lasting commitment and beautiful relationship between the bride and the groom. Nothing else can match the grace and charm of an unforgettable Diamond wedding ring when the nuptial knots are tied. With dazzling brilliants, diamond wedding rings can be blended effortlessly with all wedding attires. Diamond wedding rings speak about class and dignity and they sparkle on wearer’s hands with grace.

Fine Diamond Wedding Rings come with diamonds in an amazing array of shapes and design motifs ranging from Princess cut, Asscher cut, Emerald cut, Pear and Heart Shape to Radiant cut and Round cut. Set in a band of yellow, rose white gold or platinum, diamond wedding rings are available with white or fancy color diamonds including Pink, Yellow, Blue and Black.

The characteristics to look for in diamonds are Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight, referred to as 4 Cs. Brides prefer flawless white diamonds without any iota of carbon speck though some are of the opinion that fancy color diamonds reflect the magnificence of nature. is the leading online source and reputable manufacturer of upmarket diamond jewelry and watches that speak of sheer brilliance. We have a rich range of magnificently crafted, cost effective diamond wedding rings. All diamond watches and diamond jewelry including unfalteringly excellent Diamond Wedding Rings are offered at wholesale prices directly to the public.