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Jewelry for Men: Trends of 2014

October 2nd, 2014 by

diamond-chains-14k-gold-diamond-necklace-415ct-p-22580_yeJewelry trends for men have shifted and changed throughout time with regularity. It can be difficult to keep up with what is “in” in order to purchase to a piece of jewelry that is both classy and unique. Everyone knows that accents are what make or break a person’s style, and no accent could be more important than a man’s jewelry. While judging people by their appearance may not be accurate, it takes place far more often than most realize. In order to make a good first impression in business or even in personal affairs, it is vital that men take the time to perfect their fashion – including the jewelry they wear.

In order to avoid making any fashion “no-nos,” men may want to look over the following information.

Gaudy Does Not Go Everywhere
If a gentleman is interested in portraying himself as a well-off individual, he may think that buying the biggest, shiniest piece of jewelry is the best way to go. Unfortunately, this is often not the right choice as one must consider where and how the jewelry will be worn, so while it might be a great and noticeable conversation piece in a club, it will not be good for most business environments.. Gaudy jewelry is considered and over-the-top in most business environments.  In order to avoid these misconceptions, for items you would like to wear every day, try going with something that is a little simpler. A quality and yet subtle jewelry accent can make the world of a difference in a person’s first impression. For example, mens’ gold chains come in many shapes and sizes. A large, chunky gold chain may seem like a good idea for conveying wealth and success. However, elegant and dainty gold chains are often perceived with a higher rate of approval. A ring or a bracelet also makes a great choice.

Staying Simple
When choosing jewelry accents, it can be tempting to wear many pieces at one time. Instead of overwhelming viewers with a large amount of jewelry, try choosing one piece of jewelry that stands out. If there is too much going on, a person can appear “busy” or “cluttered.” Neither of those descriptions makes a great first impression. Trends in 2014 point to simple, elegant styles.

Masculine Style
The definition of masculine style, as mentioned before, has changed a great deal throughout history. Large earrings and facial piercings may have been a good idea in the past, but these days most people consider those styles to be abrupt and aggressive. To stay trendy, many men find it helpful to do a little research. Magazines and online resources are great ways to find out who is wearing what in 2014.

Men are not traditionally considered one of the main targets of the jewelry industry; however, consumer demand is proving that men enjoy wearing a good piece of jewelry as much as women do. Men who are interested in choosing fashionable jewelry should keep the above information in mind.