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Category: Casts a Spell of Enigmatic Elegance with Its Exotic Array of Black Diamond Jewelry

June 16th, 2014 by

The mystic appeal of the color black and the captivating charisma of diamonds are combined and presented in the form of exotic black diamond jewelry by, leading diamond jewelry manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer in NY. These stunning diamond jewelry pieces are always in fashion and are very popular with men and women who enjoy adding enigmatic elements to their overall styling. Irrespective of the nature of occasion, whether it is a casual weekend party or more formal business dinner, these glittering pieces will charm and captivate everyone around you.

Black Diamond Jewelry
Black Diamond Jewelry’s collection of black diamond jewelry comprises both men’s black diamond jewelry and women’s black diamond jewelry including earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. In addition to these, the store is also home to designer black diamond watches from world-renowned brands such as Rolex, Joe Rodeo, Luxurman, Gucci, and many others. The watches are an excellent choice of accessorizing and enhancing the glamour quotient for both genders through their dynamic designs and styles.

With, customers get the chance to select their desired creation from among a rich options of designs, cuts and shapes. Plus, customers with a specific design in mind can get in touch with the sales team at to create their own dream design customized as per their particular requirements. Shopping with this outlet also provides additional benefits like a one-year warranty, safe and fully insured shipping by FedEx, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Browse through to discover everything about this alluring range, or visit’s NYC showroom to view the designs in person., the Ideal Diamond Jewelry Store to Find an Exquisite Collection of Diamond Jewelry

May 21st, 2014 by, an acclaimed diamond jewelry store located right in the in the New York diamond district, is the right destination for all diamond jewelry lovers. No matter what type of diamond jewelry you are looking for, whether it is a unique diamond ring, diamond bracelet, pendant, a pair of diamond earrings, or any other type of jewelry you will find everything at this diamond jewelry store. In their collection of diamond jewelry, you will find all types of diamonds including emerald cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds and round diamonds set in invisible, pave or channel settings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold as well as silver and platinum.

Diamond Jewelry
Diamond Jewelry, being one of the most renowned stores offering diamond jewelry in NY, not only offers various types of diamond jewelry, but also resells diamond watches from well-known brands like Gucci, Rolex, Centorum, Jacob and Co, Luxurman, and many more. Every piece of diamond jewelry at this store is offered at the best price possible and you can also take advantage of the diamond jewelry sale that they often provide.

The diamond jewelry store also enables you to get your diamond jewelry customized precisely the way you want. All you need to do is to send details of your diamond jewelry design to or fill out the form available on the store’s website and they will walk you through the custom jewelry design process.

You can buy your dream diamond jewelry items either online or from their retail store located at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, New York, NY 10036. Also, they ensure a great customer experience by providing exemplary 24/7 customer service and guarantee a risk-free shopping experience with secure online ordering, free shipping, 30 day returns and absolutely no restocking fees.

Diamond Cross Necklaces from – Bringing Fashion and Faith Together

April 17th, 2014 by holds a place of distinction as a jewelry store that has attained tremendous expertise in designing and delivering diamond cross necklaces that are an elegant blend of faith and fashion.  These cross designs have been attracting the attention of people who are firm believers of the almighty and also dedicated followers of fashion. This majestic array of diamond crosses is adored and widely worn by movies stars, singers and professional athletes.

Diamond Cross Necklace
Diamond Cross Necklace

The cross as a holy symbol of Christ has been revered since the post-Jesus era by different European empires and countries that accepted Christianity as their main religion. This trend and tradition then instantly spread and was accepted in other parts of the world, as well, and today crosses are worn by people in different nations to represent their belief and faith in Christianity and in the ‘Son of God’. has an awe-inspiring and all-inclusive collection of diamond cross pendants and necklaces. You can easily browse through their website to discover some exceptional designs like classic diamond crosses in silver and gold, White Disco Ball Jewelry: Silver Cross, 14K Gold Designer Pave Diamond pendants, Hip Hop Jewelry: Black Diamond Cross, and many other exclusive creations. The store maintains countless unique designs for both men and women. All these aesthetically carved diamond crosses can be purchased at lower than retail prices only from

You can view the entire range online at or stop by their NYC store to view in person and purchase your own set of diamond cross pendants and necklaces today!

Celebrate Your Faith With Diamond Cross Pendants At

March 13th, 2014 by

The comfort that faith provides has no match, and the belief that an all-powerful being watches over you may be the biggest comfort in life. This faith symbolized by the holy cross, when kept close to your heart, gives you strength to overcome nearly anything.

Diamond Crosses
Diamond Crosses

As a stone, a diamond’s unique strength and beauty is unquestionable, and embedding it in a holy cross only enriches your own conviction and belief in the almighty. Diamond Cross Pendants designed by are more than perfect when it comes to upholding and expressing faith., being a prominent name in the sphere of diamond jewelry creation, wholesaling and retailing presents a truly enchanting collection of diamond crosses with sophisticated design options that vary from classic to contemporary, from small to medium to oversized ones. They also present a variation of these pendants in different color diamonds, from classic white to fancy-colored diamonds such as black, yellow, blue and even green diamond cross necklaces for ladies and pave diamond crosses for men. Faith is priceless, but at, the range of diamond crosses are highly affordable and allow you to take away a whopping savings of 80%.

Carved out from your choice of first-rate 10K, 14K or 18K gold (rose gold, yellow gold or white gold) sterling silver and other precious metals and embedded with shiny and authentic diamonds, the diamond crosses pendants and necklaces at are both inspiring and reasonably priced. You can view their entire range either by visiting their retail store at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, New York, NY 10036 open Mon-Fri or by logging onto 24/7. All online orders are safely shipped with fully insured FedEx mail and come with risk free 30 days returns policy.


Keep Your Faith Close To Your Heart with Diamond Cross Pendants from

January 24th, 2014 by

Faith has always been the ultimate source of comfort for humans. God dwells in the hearts of individuals, but in moments of despair you need something more symbolically specific to grab on to. You want to share a special proximity with God, and that’s why there are prayer beads, crosses and other religious ornaments and amulets. Christians everywhere keep their faith close to their heart by wearing Diamond Crosses Pendants so that no matter where they go, they are never far from God’s mercy and love.

Diamond Cross Pendants
Diamond Cross Pendants

In fact, in today’s exceedingly globalized world, crosses are symbols of devotion in one supreme power that believers like to wear to demonstrate their belief in God, irrespective whether the person is highly religious or not. A faith so eternal and auspicious should be represented by diamonds, as these gems are pure and timeless. Diamonds are forever so you can rest assured that these diamond necklaces, pendants, etc. will depict your faith in the almighty throughout your life and can even be passed down to next generations.

At you can browse through an authentic and beautiful collection of diamond crosses that is designed with refined craftsmanship. The store caters to men’s styles with its pave diamond crosses while ladies will appreciate its fine range of fancy color diamond cross necklace and pendants. Besides this, with you can also save up to 80%, enjoy 24/7 customer service, secure online transactions, and safe and insured delivery. You can also visit their local NYC store and get a more personalized look and feel of this divine collection of diamond crosses.