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Category: Emerges As the leading Diamond Jewelry Destination in NYC Today

February 20th, 2012 by has emerged out as the most happening Diamond Jewelry Store in NYC, situated in the heart of New York’s jewelry district. The store has achieved peak sales in the Valentine season owing to its unique and latest collection of diamond jewelry items available at wholesale prices directly to the end consumer. They specialize in the manufacturing and wholesale of high-end fine diamond jewelry and diamond watch designs.

Diamond Jewelry
Diamond Jewelry

Twenty years of expertise in manufacturing and wholesale of fine diamond jewelry, has resulted in the manifestation of over 20 thousand masterpieces. Each piece prettier than the next, has become one of the top manufacturers of men’s diamond jewelry and women’s diamond jewelry in the US.  Their palette of diamond jewelry includes men’s and women’s diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets, diamond bangles, diamond charms and diamond necklaces in variety of precious metals from sterling silver to white gold, yellow gold and rose gold to platinum. The company has earned a respected reputation worldwide with their exports going to Canada, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. When it comes to Diamonds, doesn’t leave any stone unturned. offers the classiest collection of designer diamond jewelry and mens jewelry at the lowest possible prices. The mens diamond jewelry collection includes diamond rings, diamond wedding bands, diamond bracelets and much more. The men’s jewelry collection will impress customers with its luxurious designs and affordable discounted prices. has to its credit a stunning selection of diamond jewelry with round diamonds and princess cut diamonds set in invisible setting in 10K, 14K, 18K white gold, yellow gold and pink gold (also called rose gold or red gold) or Platinum. They have established the highest degree of customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality, the great selection and prices and best customer service in the jewelry industry. The Diamond jewelry sale offered online is a year round promotion for various jewelry items.

One can really feast their eyes on the glamorous selection of designer women’s diamond jewelry at the lowest possible prices. From ladies diamond rings with top quality genuine diamonds and fancy color diamonds to diamond stud earrings, wedding ring sets and belly button rings, ladies diamond bracelets and diamond necklaces, the wholesale women’s diamond jewelry collection will delight you with gorgeous designs and affordable discounted prices. Men can make no more excuses for not buying their girlfriends and wives an exquisite jewel, when they have for Diamond jewelry NY.

When fancying a unique and flamboyant design, browsing through the unique handcrafted jewelry section at can surely make a customer delighted. Every diamond jewelry item is made from real gold and high quality diamonds. From one of a kind designer diamond rings and pendants with exquisite fancy color diamonds to intricately-designed diamond necklaces and fully iced out watches, the unique jewelry pieces impresses customers with elaborate design and craftsmanship. manufactures most of the diamond jewelry that they sell themselves and are selling it both retail and wholesale offering the highest quality, the best selection and prices in the diamond jewelry industry. Buying from them, you are buying directly from the manufacturer without the middle man. has prospered to become one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of Diamond jewelry NYC today.

Declare Your Style With Diamond Watches

October 17th, 2011 by

An apt way to express one’s love and admiration, gifting someone with one of the exquisitely made luxury Diamond Watches says all in itself. Watches once considered a luxury for women is now in vogue for men as well. Studded with diamonds which signify purity and simplicity as our feelings for the special ones in our lives, Diamond Watches are an all time favorite gift for your brother, father or for the man of your life. You can also buy these extrinsic items of fashion accessories for yourself if you want to send a strong message across to your onlookers about your authority that you are a self-made individual who has achieved success in life on your own terms or even gift them to someone you know who embodies qualities and characteristics Diamond Watches exemplify to make them feel special and appreciated.

Diamond Watches
Diamond Watches

Diamond Watches have also gained their acclaim and popularity from the most emulated hip-hop culture where the artists wear jewelry items with huge chunks of diamonds which sparkle and dazzle with every movement of their hand. Many famous celebrities like Akon and Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and many others have hugely added value to this genre of watches by sporting them in their music albums and public appearances.

One can say that Diamond Watches fulfill the dream of every individual to look unique and different in a crowd. Especially for the young generation, who make every bit of effort in their stride to try and set themselves apart. Studded with shimmering diamonds, these watches exhibit a bold and bling attitude to serve their purpose most aptly. These qualities embedded in these watches have sparked interest among fashion enthusiasts to incorporate quality and style in their personalities by adorning them. brings to you the most exquisitely made and unique collection of Diamond Watches for both men and women at the guaranteed lowest prices. Stylish and modern features which exemplify our range of Diamond Watches soulfully express the spirit of ‘Time’ and is undoubtedly a sophisticated addition to any wardrobe. All the Diamond Watches we sell are guaranteed to be 100% authentic, brand new and come with one to two year warranty. We also have a New York City location where you can come in and buy your diamond watch in person, or log in and view our full selection online at where we provide secure online ordering.  Currently we also offer free secure FedEx shipping, so don’t delay, visit us today!

Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches – Dazzle With Every Movement Of Your Hand

October 7th, 2011 by

Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches are reputed among both fashionistas and tech savvy people because this genre of watches are reputed to be made of the state of art technology of Swiss movement and studded with most precious of all gemstones: diamonds ! These watches are considered to be one of the most precious and dependable brand of watches any individual can be in possession of. Priced just right,  there is no boundary age groups, ethnicities or sexes to enjoy the feel of grandeur and class that comes along by wearing one of these watches. Joe Rodeo watches have an added bonus of having a great number of styles for both men and women so two watches his and hers can be purchased which match each other perfectly, a great present for couples.  The collection of this famous brand of watches offers a myriad of designs and styles to fit choices of both men and the ladies and the range varies from muscularly designed broad dials of men’s collection to sleek feminine pink Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches for ladies.  This brand of watches have also gained its acclaim and popularity from the hip-hop culture where the followers wear jewelry items with huge chunks of diamonds which sparkle and dazzle with every movement of the hand.

Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches
Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches

Whether you are buying it for yourself so that you can fulfill your desire of declaring a strong statement to the world that you are a self-made individual who has achieved success in life on your own terms, or for gifting it to someone you know who embodies the qualities and characteristics Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches exemplify, you can be assured beyond doubt that this brand of watches is going to serve the purpose most efficiently.

At we offer you a full collection of precision made and feature rich high quality Swiss movement Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches, brand new, with full manufacturer’s warranty, free gift packaging and 2 extra bands.

We are authorized dealers of Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches. Each diamond Joe Rodeo Watch we sell is guaranteed to be lowest priced, brand new and authentic. All Joe Rodeo Watches come in original boxes, with paperwork and full Diamond Joe Rodeo Watches factory warranty. Visit us online at or stop by our New York City showroom to pick and purchase your diamond Joe Rodeo Watch at the guaranteed lowest price today!

Spell-Bound Your On-Lookers With Diamond Watches

October 4th, 2011 by

Diamond Watches are the latest and hottest fashion items that united trendy jewelry and quality watches. As history records, it wasn’t until the time of the world war that wrist watches popped up in the fashion industry and started being considered as fashionable items of jewelry. Since then, popularity of wrist watches is continuing to grow exponentially as a symbol of class, elegance and magnificence. With passage of time, the need to have watches has extended to both the sexes. To hold out the boosting desire in the folks, wrist watch designers have made applaud able efforts to diversify this genre of fashion accessory. Diamond Watches are a result of creative brains of designers put together to create something scintillating and unique to cater to demands of changing fashion and trends.

Diamond Watches
Diamond Watches

With stunning beauty of diamonds set on the surface, Diamond Watches are one of the most sought after luxury watches today. These watches not only serve the singular purpose of telling time, but also bring out different aspects of an individual; the wearer’s financial status and impeccable taste of fashion giving enough reasons to be admired by peers and people around.

As every individual, of either sex, income group, culture has the right to stand confident and elegant at any given day. Thus Diamond Watches are the perfect embellishments for individuals who want to stand apart in a crowd to match different occasions be it sports, casual or a formal affair.

At we offer you a wide range stylish Diamond Watches ranging in designs from classic and sophisticated styles to modern and Hip-hop trendy looks. Crafted for both men and women we bring to you an exquisite range of uniquely characterized intricate designs in Diamond Watches from leading brands such as Chanel, Joe Rodeo, Gucci, Luxurman, Jacob And Co, Centorum and many others, which will leave you absolutely spell-bound and in an overwhelmingly tough decision spot.

We at also commit to keep you updated on the latest models of the diamond watch   collection and offer you guaranteed best price in the market. All Diamond Watches we sell are guaranteed to be brand new, come with original paperwork, carry at least one year warranty and are listed at the guaranteed lowest price. Don’t delay, log in online at or stop by our New York City showroom to pick and purchase your dream diamond watch today!

Black Diamond Watches – Make You Feel Complete……

September 27th, 2011 by

An unknown fact to some people, today black diamonds have become one of the most popular stone choices to be studded in jewelry items, especially watches. Black Diamond Watches are watches that have either dials, bezels, cases or bands studded with black diamonds all the way through or like other jewelry items which are made by a combination of other color diamonds like white or yellow to enhance the brilliance and highlight the black diamond.

Black Diamond Watches
Black Diamond Watches

One of the variants of diamonds, born out of immense pressure of the earth the appearance of black diamonds may be in hues of green, gray or midnight black and the color can range from being dense or translucent in hue. Black Diamond Watches are a treat to wear and are loved by both men and women. They also make excellent gifts any time of the year. Men simply adore diamond watches because of the innumerable functionalities and class they offer. Since they all come with excellent quality and craftsmanship, they will surely make you feel satisfied and perfectly complete any outfit. They are also wonderful accessories to flaunt your luxurious lifestyle. There is no denying that diamond watches definitely make a strong style statement and even many celebrities are spotted wearing these pieces of jewelry.

No doubt Black Diamond Watches are pricey but with the increasing economic position and exposure to the elegance and luxury of life, people have now started inclining towards these classy adornments. These luxury watches not only serve the purpose of telling time; but also symbolizes the wearer’s status and his/her impeccable taste in fashion. Today diamond watches are one of the many sought after luxury watches as they catch the attention of everyone with beauty of stunning diamonds encrusted on their surface. Since diamonds can be decorated on the surface of watches in different ways and styles, each diamond watch is unique. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can always find the most favorable one to fit your personality and different occasions.

As Black Diamond Watches are quite an investment, once you are determined to purchase one visit where we offer you the best design and style of watches at affordable guaranteed lowest prices, so that you don’t have to think twice before making an investment to see the sparkle of joy in the eyes of your loved ones. offers Black Diamond Watches from the leading diamond watch manufacturers like Gucci, Joe Rodeo, Luxurman, Chanel, Centorum, Invicta, Aqua Master and many others. All our diamond watches are guaranteed to be brand new, come all original paperwork and are listed at guaranteed lowest prices. Log in online at or stop by our NYC showroom to find and purchase your black diamond watch today!