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Diamond Stud Earrings – Cutting Cost without Sacrificing Quality

When you want new jewelry, diamond stud earrings are an excellent choice. You can find many affordable selections, and you may wear them for both formal and informal occasions. Here are some helpful things to remember when you shop, so you don’t end up paying too much or get inferior products.

14k Gold Diamond Stud EarringsPrice Factors

Two things affect the price. First, the kind of diamonds you choose can make a huge difference. You also have metal choices which to consider. When you want to save the most money on diamond stud earrings, buy the most affordable stones and metal. However, you want to get the best materials for your money also.


The cheapest diamonds are the most flawed stones. Clarity ratings are usually at VVS-1 or VVS-2 for the more expensive selections. VVS stands for very very slightly included (flawed). VS-1 and VS-2 are cheaper and yet most people won’t notice the flaws. The cheapest diamonds are the included (flawed) grades like SI-2 or SI-3 (the most flawed). However, you can find some affordable selections in SI-1 grade and VS-2.

Clustered Stones

If you don’t want a single diamond, consider multiple smaller stones. Many small stones together can give you a great deal of brilliance and fire. In fact, they have the sparkle of more expensive single stones.

Diamond Color

The clearer the diamonds, the more you pay. You’ll find some nice selections with yellow diamonds. However, black diamonds can save you more money because flaws don’t show up.


Sterling silver is a cost-effective option. You can also choose gold plate. Of course 14K gold costs more but if you plan to wear them every day, it is a good decision. has a wide choice of affordable diamond stud earrings. For more info call toll-free 1-866-423-6262.