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How to Find An Engagement Ring On a Budget

14k-gold-diamond-unique-engagement-ring-270ct-p-24139When a couple decides that it is time to move on to the next level in their relationship, money is often not one of the first things discussed. Unfortunately, an engagement ring and wedding ring set cannot be purchased with warm and fuzzy feelings alone! The good news is that even couples on a tight budget when decide that it is time to pop the big question with a beautiful ring can do it – all it takes is a little research and intentionality. For a few tips on finding a beautiful and yet affordable engagement ring, try reviewing the information below. Most people are pleasantly surprised at the number of financially-friendly options available when it comes to finding discount engagement rings.

Think Outside The Box
Couples who are on a budget may find that traditional methods of purchasing rings are not the best route to go. For instance, walking up to the biggest, shiniest jewelry store in town and asking for the most elegant ring may look great in the movies; however, in real life, it can be somewhat ridiculous to pursue outrageous luxury (and outrageous costs). Instead of choosing the fanciest and most well known option for ring purchases, try thinking outside the box. Antique stores, thrift stores, heirlooms from relatives, and discount online stores may be a great way to find a ring that is both unique and affordable.

Ask Around
Before deciding to spend a lot of money at a certain store or website, make sure that all possible options have been explored. Ask a handful of married friends where they found their engagement ring and wedding band set. They may have a great deal of advice on what places to avoid or check out. If a lot of people are recommending a certain online ring shop, try checking it out. Most people are more than happy to help steer young couples in the right direction.

Look For Sales
There is nothing shameful about finding a beautiful, quality engagement ring that is discounted or on sale. Finding a discount ring does not imply that the person buying the ring is “cheap.” It simply means that a couple has decided to pursue a financially wise avenue. Besides, who wouldn’t want to purchase a lovely engagement ring that is high in quality for half the price?

Couples who are looking for affordable rings may find a variety of great options by simply thinking outside the traditional “box,” seeking out the opinions of experienced shoppers, and keeping an eye out for sales and discounts. By following the tips above, couples may find that the perfect ring is a lot more affordable than they had previously thought.