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Important Information When Buying Round Cut Engagement Rings

Round Cut Engagement RingsWhether you are shopping with your fiancé for an engagement ring, or if you are buying it on your own for a surprise proposal, choosing the best diamond within your budget is always a key factor.

At Its Hot, we offer only the best diamonds and diamond jewelry, and we provide all the details for each of our rings. This includes the cut of the diamond, which will influence the shine and fire inside the diamonds, as well as the color, clarity and the carat weight. We also provide information on the options for the setting, and also on the metal of the setting to allow you to make the most informed decision even when buying your engagement ring online.

There are many different cuts of diamonds, but the most popular choices are always the round cut engagement rings. These may also be called the round brilliant cut, and they are the showiest of all the diamond cuts, making their popularity a given.

What is the Cut?
To the average consumer, and often in retail types of stores, you will hear the term cut used to mean the shape of the diamond. This is not technically correct, as the cut of the diamond is the actual process of cutting the facets into the diamond to cause the interior light to reflect.

A round diamond with a brilliant cut will have 58 different faces or facets in the stone which causes the light to bounce back and forth, giving of those glints of internal fire that make a diamond so special. This is one of the reasons these round cut engagement rings are so incredible to wear. They will literally sparkle and shine in even very limited light, and they will simply dazzle in bright light.

Color and Clarity
Clarity is the lack of flaws or internal imperfections in the diamond. The more flawless the diamond is, the more costly it will be, but slight imperfections invisible to the human eye are common in virtually all diamonds sold. As flaws or inclusions, which are internal cracks, spots or imperfections will limit light reflection, a lower classification of clarity can lead to a duller looking stone.

Color is really a misnomer; it is the lack of color that counts in diamonds unless you are considering fancy colored diamonds. As with clarity, unless you are looking at the diamond through a jewelers loop you may not be able to see the slight variations between different color ratings, particularly when you are close to the clear end of the spectrum.

Finally, you will also need to look at the carat. Larger carat round cut engagement rings will definitely make a statement, but smaller diamonds in a cluster or one larger round brilliant cut diamond surrounded by diamond chips or small stones will also make a very impressive engagement ring.