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Options On The Classic Three Diamond Ring

Classic Three Diamond RingWhile relatively new to the center stage, the classic styles of the three diamond ring can be found well back in history. However, it was not designed the same, and was often a ring hand or ornament ring, not associated with engagement, weddings or anniversaries.

At Its Hot, we offer many different styles of these beautiful and versatile rings. You may also see them advertised as trinity rings or trilogy rings. Depending on the special event or occasion on which they are given, they can signify a range of events in life.

For Engagement Rings
As an engagement ring our three diamond ring collection offers both classic as well as very modern designs. As an engagement ring the three stones signify the past, the present and the future together, which is a very romantic message.

Typically the center stone on the ring is the largest, as the couple is always in the present in their relationship. It is possible to use a much larger center diamonds, such as a princess cut or a round brilliant, and then flank that with two smaller diamonds of the same cut of a complimentary cut.
Stepped settings, which also allow the central diamond to sit up and off the setting are another look to consider. This can feature a simple and elegant band or a band set with diamond or pavé styles of diamonds.

For Wedding or Anniversary Rings
Some couples are choosing to forgo the two ring option of a wedding ring and an engagement ring, and simply choose a larger wedding band. For the bride, a three diamond ring offers a significant upgrade to a more traditional band.

With the option for very ornate settings and a wide number of variations on the band shape and design, these are a perfect stand alone ring to wear as a combination engagement and wedding ring.

As an anniversary gift may women choose to wear the three stone ring as a right-hand ring, complementing the wedding set. Some couples may also want to include different gemstones as the smaller flanking stones, or perhaps choose a ruby, emerald, sapphire or colored fancy diamond as the center stone, with the smaller diamonds and diamond chips adding dazzle and fire.

We find that these rings are perfect to give to as rings after the birth of a first child as well. The choice of stones, settings and options in the design of the ring make them a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.