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Diamond Tennis BraceletsThe shimmer of sophistication and the sparkle of style are outstanding attributes of’s exclusive collection of diamond tennis bracelets that give them an edge in the sphere of diamond jewelry. These diamond bracelets are valued for being a blend of panache and elegance that give the wearer’s styling a magnificent uplift that doesn’t look over the top.

The tennis bracelets at have been carved from the best quality solid 14K or 18k yellow, rose or white gold, and have been encrusted with pure and premium round diamonds, princess cut diamonds, or baguette diamonds set artistically in prong, bar or bezel sets. Platinum tennis bracelets are also available. For those anxious about the high price tag usually associated with tennis bracelets, makes these bracelets, there are no middle men involved which makes them affordable so customers can get the diamond tennis bracelet of their dreams. The store is renowned for making luxury within everybody’s means, offering top-notch quality at lower than retail prices. has carved out a niche for being an expert in developing diamond jewelry for both men and women, and this proficiency is highly visible in their array of not just women’s bracelets but men’s diamond bracelets as well. Every bracelet offered by this company is an example of a refined accessory apt for today’s suave metropolitan men. Priced 65-80% below retail prices all year round, these handsome men’s diamond bracelets ensure that making an impressive style statement is not too heavy on the wallet.

The quality-made tennis and other designer diamond bracelets at can be ordered online at  or purchased from their showroom at 2 West 46th St., Suite 602, NY, 10036.

The sparkle of finesse and the glitter of grace are the striking aspects of’s designer collection of diamond tennis bracelets that sets them apart in the realm of diamond jewelry. Tennis bracelets are known for their sublime designs that tempt jewelry lovers with their ability to render effortless sophistication and style. At, there is no dearth of aesthetic choices of these bracelets that have been proficiently crafted from solid 14K or 18k yellow, rose or white gold, and embellished with superlative princess cut diamonds, baguette diamonds, or round diamonds. In addition to this, whether you prefer their prong, bar or bezel set, be assured of great pricing because the store is renowned and respected for making luxury affordable.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets
Diamond Tennis Bracelets

No one knows what men want for accessorizing better than and this fact is exhibited clearly in their grand array of men’s diamond bracelets with a high machismo factor. Developed from premium gold and integrated with authentic top-notch diamonds, these bracelets are the ultimate accessory for the suave modern men of today who are confident about themselves. This affluent style is easy on the pocketbook too, as the store’s pricing structure for men’s diamond bracelets is 65-80% below retail, year round.

Aside from this, enables it clients to wear the diamond bracelets of their dreams by providing a customization facility. As part of this service, you can provide the details of specific designs that you have in mind (it can be from a simple customization such as selecting different color diamonds to be set in a specific pattern to a completely original design), and their craftsmen will tailor-make it for you with total precision.’s diamond bracelets for men are quality-made and offered with a one-year warranty, and are delivered in a neatly packed gift box through fully insured FedEx mail.

Sleek and classy, these two adjectives best describe the diamond tennis bracelets at These bracelets put an end to every jewelry lover’s quest for exceptional designs that are elegant, and unique, and help them build a distinct style statement of their own. The tennis bracelets, also popularly known as inline diamond bracelets, have slender designs complemented by symmetrically patterned diamonds. This sophisticated and classic outline makes diamond tennis bracelets a popular and favorite way of accessorizing for formal occasions and events.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets
Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Empowered with a team of master craftsmen, presents superlative and stunning tennis bracelets aesthetically carved from solid yellow, rose, white gold or platinum, and embellished with the best quality round diamonds, baguette diamonds and princess cut diamonds. The store always delivers their jewelry items promptly by FedEx in elegant gift packaging (free) with a 30-day money back guarantee.

In addition to tennis bracelets, also maintains a huge and exciting range of men’s diamond bracelets that includes one-of-a-kind choices like Gold Fully Paved Diamond Bracelets, the trendsetting diamond disco ball bracelets, sterling silver diamond bracelets, and many more. These men’s diamond bracelets epitomize contemporary elegance at its stylish best and are offered by at much lower prices than other retail establishments. Yes you read it right, the store is known for its year-round discounts which means a price range that is 65-80% below retail. Go grab a handsome bracelet today either from their NYC showroom, or order online by logging onto

Got a specific idea in mind? Contact the store, their expert craftsmen will tailor-make your desired bracelet for you. It is possible to be the creator of your own unique design with the help of their team from custom jewelry department.

Rechristened in 1987 as tennis bracelets, all time classic and elegant bracelets with one or more rows of round, emerald cut, baguette or princess cut diamonds, these stylishly classy accessory items were formerly known as “in-line” bracelets, and have since been a staple of every jewelry lover’s wardrobe.’s range of diamond tennis bracelets are an absolute example of diamond decadence skillfully  crafted from solid 14K or 18k yellow, rose or white gold and platinum. The shimmer of these authentic gems, which are meticulously prong, bar or bezel embedded into the finest precious metals are reminiscent of twinkling stars and gives the wearer an angelic aura. The store offers awe-inspiring designs that are aesthetically developed by using round diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, princess cut diamond and baguette diamonds. With every movement of your hand, these diamond Bracelets flash and dance in spectacular patterns adding an extra dash of sparkle to your style.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets
Diamond Tennis Bracelets, a leading diamond jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler, is renowned for the diversity and class that they present in their scintillating array of women’s bracelets and men’s diamond bracelets that appeal to every type of fashion sense. These bracelets enhance every look and can be easily worn on both formal and casual occasions. The diamond bracelets at are products of timeless fashion that can be handed down as precious legacies from one generation to the next. The pricing of this white and fancy colored range of women’s and men’s diamond bracelets stays 65-80% below retail throughout the year. With a defined style suitable almost for any occasion, these bracelets are more than perfect as a Valentine’s Day present for that very special lady or man in your life.


Christmas brings with it the joy of spending quality time with family and friends. It’s a time for sharing and showing love to those that count most in your life. Giving them precious things is one way of showing love, which has been the holiday tradition for a long time. takes this opportunity to suggest you give your loved ones a traditional or modern diamond bracelet as a symbol of the bond you share with them.

Diamond Bracelets
Diamond Bracelets

Being one of the most renowned diamond jewelry stores in New York, particularly endorses its collection of ladies’ and men’s diamond bracelets as an ideal gift this holiday season. Their fabulous diamond bracelets are carefully selected to offer the latest designs in diamond jewelry fashion, and are intricately crafted from sterling silver or solid 14K, 18K gold or platinum, and adorned with high-quality white diamonds, or a combination of  fancy color diamonds such as black, yellow, blue, pink and brown.

The store manufactures and sells both ladies’ and men’s diamond bracelets and these are available in a diverse range of designs and price ranges. They include: diamond tennis bracelets, diamond shamballa bracelets, diamond bangle bracelets, and other popular designs in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver and even platinum. You can also customize diamond bracelets with your choice of metal,  diamond shape, color, etc.

Customers can visit’s NYC store – open Mon-Fri 11am-7pm EST – to view the collection and purchase in person. Customers that are outside NYC can select and order their favorite diamond bracelet through the safe and secure online store, and can have their orders delivered anywhere in the world.