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When you want new jewelry, diamond stud earrings are an excellent choice. You can find many affordable selections, and you may wear them for both formal and informal occasions. Here are some helpful things to remember when you shop, so you don’t end up paying too much or get inferior products.

14k Gold Diamond Stud EarringsPrice Factors

Two things affect the price. First, the kind of diamonds you choose can make a huge difference. You also have metal choices which to consider. When you want to save the most money on diamond stud earrings, buy the most affordable stones and metal. However, you want to get the best materials for your money also.


The cheapest diamonds are the most flawed stones. Clarity ratings are usually at VVS-1 or VVS-2 for the more expensive selections. VVS stands for very very slightly included (flawed). VS-1 and VS-2 are cheaper and yet most people won’t notice the flaws. The cheapest diamonds are the included (flawed) grades like SI-2 or SI-3 (the most flawed). However, you can find some affordable selections in SI-1 grade and VS-2.

Clustered Stones

If you don’t want a single diamond, consider multiple smaller stones. Many small stones together can give you a great deal of brilliance and fire. In fact, they have the sparkle of more expensive single stones.

Diamond Color

The clearer the diamonds, the more you pay. You’ll find some nice selections with yellow diamonds. However, black diamonds can save you more money because flaws don’t show up.


Sterling silver is a cost-effective option. You can also choose gold plate. Of course 14K gold costs more but if you plan to wear them every day, it is a good decision. has a wide choice of affordable diamond stud earrings. For more info call toll-free 1-866-423-6262.

It is believed that trends and fashion statements are made by people who believe in what they wear. Although stereotyped in the olden days to be the accessory mostly for women, in modern society both men and women accessorize themselves with earrings. The diamond stud earrings with their classic styles add to the femininity of a woman and enhances the ‘macho’ appeal of the men.

Diamond Stud Earrings
Diamond Stud Earrings

Simple, yet dazzlingly eye catching, diamond stud earrings set the standard for elegance. The diamond earrings are the most desired diamond jewelry gift for special occasions and celebrations. They are classic, elegant and make the perfect gift.

Women choose their perfect pair of diamond stud earrings with white or fancy color diamonds according to the structure of their face, their body structure and match it up with different hair-styles as well to enhance the natural structure of their face and look more attractive.

The diamond stud earrings never go out of fashion. The boost to their popularity is always given by some celebrity sporting a pair at social events. Recently Angelina Jolie was spotted wearing a pair of diamond stud earring at the Cannes Film Festival at the premiere of the film ‘ Tree of Life’ in a beautiful chocolate brown Versace gown.

Our lovely collection of diamond stud earrings features an array of beautiful and trendy earring styles. At we showcase diamond Stud Earrings from very affordable sterling silver diamonds stud earrings to 10K Gold, 14K Gold, and also available in Platinum and 18K Gold Studs with G/VS quality diamonds. These diamond stud earrings are a part of our men’s and women’s diamond earrings collection. Our collection also includes designer diamond earrings, cluster diamond earrings and gold diamond earrings with fancy color diamonds from pink to blue.

All the diamond stud earrings we sell are guaranteed to be quality made and come with 1 year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. All diamond stud earrings shipped by safe, fully insured FedEx mail with signature confirmation. Explore our rich selection of stunning diamond stud earrings at today!

Not everyone among us is great with words. Not everyone among us has the courage to actually face the person and express our feelings. Also, there are times when mere words are just not enough to express your feelings. Everyone among us at some point of our life got this feeling that we need more than words, more than the three magical words “I Love You” to show how we really feel about someone. At such times, all of us do different things, make different gestures to show what that person means to us. Sometimes our gestures are noticed, sometimes they are not. Sometimes they are appreciated, sometimes they are not. And anytime one of our gestures fails, anytime we think that despite our best efforts, the person is not able to understand how we feel about them, there is no sadder feeling in this world. But one sure shot way to make our loved one know what they mean to us is by gifting them something very special. Diamond stud earrings are one such special gift. They are very classy accessories that can be worn to virtually any occasion and are admired by both men and women. So it becomes a perfect gift for all of us to show to our loved one what they really and truly mean to us.

Diamond stud earrings
Diamond stud earrings

What makes Diamond stud earrings so special apart from their amazing looks, aesthetic beauty and value for money is that they are very trendy and in-demand jewelry. Everywhere around us you can see people wearing these amazing and versatile earrings. They look good on any clothes you are wearing, be it casual or formal or somewhere in between. They are appropriate for all occasions.
There are many different styles available in Diamond stud earrings category that you can go for. There are various different metals like gold, silver or platinum that you can choose. Normally it is seen that people go for 14 to 18 karat yellow gold, rose gold or a bit more popular white gold and platinum because these metals set the diamond off well and make the earrings look even more luxuriant. A lot of people prefer the solitaire as the diamond type in these earrings. The single beautifully cut diamond set in understated gold or platinum proves to be a timeless and trendy piece of jewelry. However, you also have the option to go for diamond stud earrings comprised of a pave set diamonds, or invisible set diamond stud earrings or diamond cluster earrings which are very popular as these look larger and the same size look will cost much less than solitaire Diamond stud earrings.
These royal studs will look great and will last forever as well. They are easy and inexpensive in maintenance and can be cleaned easily with lime solution, vinegar or an ammonia blend. If you have decided to adore yourself with an elegant and classic pair of earring then visit and buy your pair at a guaranteed lowest price. We provide 24/7 customer support service and all our jewelry items are available at unbeatable price in the industry (we are the actual manufacturers so you are buying direct) with free FedEx shipping all over US, 30 days money back guarantee and one year warranty. Visit us online at or stop by our NYC showroom today!

Diamond earrings first reached the height of fashion in Europe in the 18th century, just before the Renaissance era. Since then they have been regularly worn as a classy adornment. Diamond Earrings are the most popular jewelry items used to get an enchanting look for both men and women. As they are worn on your ears, they are among the first things a person will notice on you and hence make a great first impression. Sparkling diamond earrings right next to your face brings a special glow to your face.

Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings look very stylish and are beautiful accompaniments to any special occasion like wedding, anniversary, office parties etc. In fact, woman’s looks remain incomplete without a beautifully designed Diamond Earrings. They go well with any wardrobe and are very versatile. They give finishing touches to the perfect looks, and complete your fashion statement. With the right pair of earrings even a casually dressed person appears chic and stylish.

Because of their amazing sparkle, high cost, aesthetic looks, glitter and rarity, diamonds are considered to denote status and prestige. Hence when they are beautifully set on the earrings, they make for a very mesmerizing look. Diamond earrings are available in many designs both for men and women. A few examples are hoop earrings, stud earrings, dangle earrings, chandelier earrings, droplet earrings etc. It is common among men to go for the simpler Diamond Stud Earrings or huggies. They are also one of the most popular gifting items, and are used as gifts on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays etc.

While buying any diamond jewelry, it is important to make note of the color and clarity of the diamonds. H color SI clarity diamonds provide the best value for money as they look great and moderately priced. If your budget allows you can go for G color VS quality diamonds or even higher quality but these will come at a premium cost. Diamonds are one of the hardest substances found on earth and are really forever so they will look equally good after years of purchase, and are very easy to maintain and take care of. presents a great collection of diamond earrings, over a thousand designs all listed at guaranteed lowest prices. is known to offer the best value for money and gives best quality merchandise for the best price. Log in to to find a wide selection of Diamond Earrings from classic diamond solitaire earrings to diamond hoop earrings to diamond drop earrings, and many more, all listed at factory-direct prices as is an actual manufacturer of the most jewelry it sells. You will also get free secure FedEx shipping all over US and 30 day money back guarantee along with one year warranty on all diamond jewelry products purchased from its online store or from its exclusive showroom in NYC.

Earrings are one of the oldest known forms of jewelry, with artistic and written references from cultures around the world dating back to early history. Earrings are believed to have originated in western Asia about 3000 BC, and they were used both by men and women. Early evidence of earrings worn by men can be seen in archeological evidence from Persepolis in ancient Persia. Even after being in existence for so long, they are still a favorite among both men and women, and diamond earrings, in particular, are in a class of their own. Diamonds are one of the most beautiful, the most precious and rare gemstones and hence Diamond Earrings have held a special place in everyone’s heart.

Diamond Earrings
Diamond Earrings
A great variety of Diamond Earrings is available with different designs, shapes, sizes and colors. You can select different shapes depending on your face-shape; long Diamond Earrings such as large diamond hoop earrings suit round face best, whereas Diamond Stud Earrings go best with longer face cuts. Men normally prefer simpler stud version. You can wear them to any occasions, formal or casual, and with any outfit, so you can never go wrong with these dazzling jewels. They are very easy to wear and make you look attractive instantly, with minimum effort. If you have to attend a special event on a short notice and do not have much to get ready then diamond earrings can prove to be a real life-saver.

Diamond Earrings are a great gifting option on special occasions like anniversary, birthdays, first date anniversary etc. Show your love to your partner by gifting these and make her feel all the more special. They are also very popular among celebrities. Hollywood stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Halle Berry and supermodels Cindy Crawford and Stella Tennant, David Beckham and many others are often seen adorning sparkling diamond earrings. presents a great collection of diamond earrings. is known to offer the best value for money and gives best quality merchandise for the best price. Log in to to find a wide selection of Diamond Earrings from classic diamond solitaire earrings to diamond hoop earrings to diamond drop earrings, huggies and many more, all listed at factory-direct prices as is an actual manufacturer of the most jewelry it sells. You will also get free secure FedEx shipping all over US and 30 day money back guarantee along with one year warranty on all diamond jewelry products purchased from its online store or from its exclusive showroom in NYC.

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