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The Timeless Appeal of the Diamond

Designer Diamond NecklaceAsk any woman what her favorite gemstone is, and the likelihood is high that her reply will be “diamond”. Truly timeless, the diamond has been popular for centuries, and for good reason. With lasting beauty and effortless style, diamond jewelry is a solid choice for every look. Whether it’s an understated and elegant diamond necklace or a flashy and fabulous diamond ring, this stone is the clear choice for many women.

Why We Love Diamonds

There are myriad reasons to love a diamond. Clear, bright and timeless, these stones reflect the personality and style of their wearer, bringing glistening beauty to any outfit while standing out as a showpiece on their own. A few of the reasons people adore the diamond include:

    • Hardness. Diamonds are durable, and their incredible hardness makes them nearly impervious to the march of time. Many diamond owners have their most cherished stones reset several times, as the metal of the jewelry that holds them wears out, while the diamond shines on.
    • Shine. Speaking of shine, diamonds are well known for the beautiful way they capture and refract the light, creating a brilliant display.
    • Price. It may seem strange, but the often-high price of diamond jewelry only contributes to its popularity. Many people love diamonds as a status symbol, flashing their jewels as a way of showing off their wealth. Retailers know this, creating spectacular settings and styles including these precious jewels. Expensive diamonds are also seen as a high-quality gift for the deserving and beloved, owing to their popularity as engagement stones.
    • Versatility. The clarity of diamonds makes them a go-with-anything kind of accessory. Women of all ages wear diamonds on their hands, around their necks and in their ears with outfits from the casual to the incredible, and diamond jewelry works with everyone.

Never Out of Style

Trends in fashion are ever-changing. Even in the world of jewelry, styles are constantly evolving. The shapes of rings and bracelets worn by our mothers and grandmothers would look out of place to our daughters, today.

The diamond never changes, though. From generation to generation, people adore the shimmer and shine of this timelessly beautiful stone, even if the look of the settings have changed over. One reason that diamond jewelry has remained popular with shoppers of all ages is that the gift of a diamond is one that keeps on giving. A classic, beautiful diamond necklacewill be worn for years to come, and perhaps even passed on to future generations. No beauty lasts like that of a diamond, after all!