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Tips For Buying A Loose Diamond

A Loose Diamond A lot of our customers at Its Hot want to create a custom engagement, wedding or anniversary ring that will be uniquely their own design. These people may be very worried about buying a loose diamond as this is very different that choosing a ring, pendant or another piece of jewelry that is already made and set with the stones.

To help you to get started on your search for just the right diamond, let’s take a closer look at how to actually choose the diamond and what you need to check before making a purchase.

The size of the diamond you are looking for is important as you want it to be in balance with the jewelry item. It is also important to determine if you will have other gems in the design or if the diamond is going to be set in a solitaire type of design.

Remember, a smaller diamond that has top color, cut and clarity will be more dazzling and brilliant than a larger diamond with lower quality cut, clarity and color. It is, therefore, important to spend time considering if you want size alone or if you want that inner fire and light that is such a part of a perfect diamond.

Typically, if a diamond is a solitaire or the central focus of the ring or jewelry item, it will need to be larger to be more visible. If you are using a pavé or halo design element, a smaller diamond can still be dazzling because of the boost in sparkle and dazzle from the surrounding smaller diamonds.

The shape of the loose diamond is sometimes called the cut, but cut is actually the process that the diamond facets are cut into the gem. The shape can be a classic round diamond to the more styled shapes of the marquis, pear or even a heart-shaped diamond.

With color, cut and clarity, the shape will have an impact on the overall look of the diamond. Choosing one of the fancy shapes, including the larger sized square options such a cushion, princess or Asscher diamond can result in a limited option for a setting, so you should consider the setting when determining the right shape.

We recommend you work closely with your jeweler and then, once you know the carat weight, shape, cut, clarity and color you actually start to look at pricing. We offer some of the best prices in loose diamond gems, just see us online to search our inventory and choose the perfect match.