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Women’s Diamond Necklace – There’s More Options Than You Think

Designer Diamond NecklaceIf you are a woman looking for a diamond necklace or a man shopping for the best necklaces for a woman, you can check out some standard selections at just about any jeweler. However, when you want something unique to match your personality and lifestyle, has some unusual and stunning choices for you. Here are some of the good things you’ll find when you shop our New York City showroom or visit our website.

Cuban Link Diamond Necklace with Paved Diamonds
Cuban link chains are extremely popular with men, and if your man has a great-looking Cuban Link chain, a necklace of the same style may be the perfect complement. It’s not a typical gold chain. Instead, the links are paved with diamonds. You can choose from several gold colors, and the fire and brilliance of this chain necklace are unmatched.

Diamond Flower Pearl Necklace
There’s nothing unusual about a string of pearls, even though pearls are beautiful. Our collection of Lucello jewelry includes a designer beauty that contains diamond flowers made from sparkling white and yellow diamonds. Choose the color of gold you like with this unique three-dimensional design.

Tassel Design
How would you like to own a fabulous diamond necklace that contains nearly 12 carats of fiery round diamonds? The unique tassel style is stunning in white gold, eye-catching in yellow gold, and dazzling in rose gold.

Budget Selections
Maybe you only have a few hundred dollars to spend. You can still buy a great diamond necklace from Check out our micro paved, heart-shaped, diamond beauty in 10K gold. The heart pendant is available in several gold color combinations, and it’s priced under $300. You’ll find a wide selection of necklaces in every price range and style, and if you have questions, feel free to call us toll-free in the US at 1-866-423-6262 today.